League Handbook changes - IMPORTANT

TT Handbook changes  – 2014-15

The league fixtures are now on the 365 website and it is probably worthwhile
using this rather than the handbook as there have been a number of changes to
the leagues as 2 teams have already dropped out!

Would all players please ensure their handbooks are amended as below please?

 Main changes are:-

 Officers List

Paul Ingram - Home tel no is 02477 679299 (Also change details under Ambleside A on
club secs & venues list)

Delete Pete Jamieson's home No & use mobile No as shown under club sec details.

Club Secretaries and Venues

Ambleside Heroes – Curt Baggott – Amend address to 19 Highfield Road, and Mobile to 07578
730249 (i.e. same as in Officers list)

Winter League :- 

Div 1

Amend NALGO A to NALGO Queens (yes really!) and it is a 7.15pm start.

Amend NALGO B to NALGO MIRA and again a 7.15pm start

 Div 2

Delete Ambleside Casuals

 Div 3

Replace Weddington A with Ambleside Casuals with 7.15pm start

Delete Fire A

Whitmore: -

Div 1

Amend Fire A to Fire B and amend match night to Thursday

Delete Weddington A

Div 2

Amend NALGO B to NALGO MIRA with 7.15pm start

Div 3

Amend NALGO A to NALGO Queens with 7.15pm start

Delete Fire B

Div 4

No changes!!

PLEASE NOTE - There are a lot of different start times shown so can you make sure your players are there ready to start at that time, and where your team has an early start time ensure that you are there in good time to get everything set up so you can indeed start at the time shown in the handbook.

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