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Town Championships


The Nuneaton & district Table Tennis Town championships were held over the first weekend in Nuneaton, with the juniors playing on the Saturday, and the open/seniors on the Sunday.


There was a good turnout for these events, although the Sunday attendance was reduced because of the snow which stopped some competitors being able to get there. Congratulations to all those who took part.


Ambleside Table Tennis Club were the big winners in the junior tournament taking all the titles bar one, where the Boys Club pairing of Jamie Duff and James Husslebury were the victors in the U15 doubles final. Joe Wright of Ambleside had a successful day winning the U15 singles and the U21 doubles together with team mate Matt Jackson, and he was the runner-up in the U15 doubles final with young Afaaz Tai of Crescent – they proved to be a very entertaining pair as they played their matches. The main singles events, the U18 & U21 singles were contested by Ambleside players, Aaron Riley and Matt Jackson with Aaron running out the victor in both finals.


In the senior championships the honours were spread around all the different clubs, but Andy Lebutt of Ajax Wolvey proved to be the man of the championship with some great results. Ajax Wolvey provided the finalists in the blue riband event, the open singles, with  Andy Lebutt and Dave Grundy facing each other. Both players are currently undefeated in the league so an intriguing match was looked forward to by the other players watching. Andy took the first set 13/11, but Dave turned this round by the same score in the second set, but then Andy went on to narrowly defeat Dave in an extremely close contest by winning the final two sets both by 12/10. The two met again in the vets singles event but the result was reversed with Dave running out the winner in three sets. They then combined in the open doubles and beat Jess Birbeck and Arun Jogi, both of Ambleside, over 4 sets. Andy then went on and partnered Bob Whittaker of Stockingford WMC in the vets doubles, beating Pete Morris of Ajax Wolvey and Leigh Morris of Boys Club.

In the ladies singles Jess Birbeck of Ambleside beat Jo Outhwaite of NALGO in 3 straight sets, and she also partnered Arun Jogi in the mixed doubles beating Jo Outhwaite and Aaron Riley in 4 sets.

Full results are set out below:-



Under 12 singles - Harrison Allwood BT Oliver Costall (both Ambleside) 11/4 11/8 11/4

Under 15 singles- Joe Wright (Ambleside)  BT Naeem Ahmedabadi (Crescent) 11/6 13/11 11/6

Under 15 Dbls - Jamie Duff/ James Husslebury (Both Boys Club) BT Joe Wright

(Ambleside) / Afaaz Tai (Crescent) 11/8 11/2 11/6

Under 18 singles- Aaron Riley BT Matt Jackson (both Ambleside)  11/5 11/3 11/8

Under 21 singles - Aaron Riley BT Matt Jackson (both Ambleside)  11/9 11/2 11/7

Under 21 Dbls- Matt Jackson/ Joe Wright (both Ambleside)  BT Soufyaan Mailk/ Munir Ahmedabadi (Both Crescent)  11/5 11/3 7/11 11/5


Senior/open Championships...


Open singles - Andy Lebutt BT Dave Grundy (Both Ajax Wolvey) 13/11 11/13 12/10 12/10

H/Cap singles - Mark Perkins (Boys Club) BT Bob Whittaker (Stockingford WMC) 12/21 24/22 21/16

Ladies Singles- Jessica Birbeck (Ambleside) BT Jo Outhwaite (NALGO) 11/3 11/5 13/11

Vet Singles - Dave Grundy BT Andy Lebutt (Both Ajax Wolvey)  11/8 11/9 17/15

Over 50's - Paul Calloway (Boys Club) BT Bob Whittaker (Stockingford WMC) 11/7 11/8 12/10

H/Cap 40 - 49 - Aaron Riley (Ambleside) BT Roger Hill (Boys Club) 11/5 4/11 11/13 11/6 11/6

H/Cap 50-65 - Jo Outhwaite BT Steve Brough (Both NALGO) 11/6 8/11 11/8 14/12

Open Doubles - Dave Grundy/ Andy Lebutt (Both Ajax Wolvey) BT Jessica Birbeck/ Arun Jogi (Both Ambleside)10/12 13/11 11/8 11/9

H/Cap Doubles - Elliott Clarke (Boys Club)/ Aaron Riley (Ambleside) BT Sohail Caratella / Alan Jenkins (Both Ambleside ) 21/9 19/ 21 21/14

Vet Doubles – Bob Whittaker (Stockingford)/ Andy Lebutt (Ajax Wolvey) BT Pete Morris (Ajax Wolvey)/ Leigh Morris (Boys Club) 11/5 9/11 11/6 11/8

Mixed Doubles- Jessica Birbeck/ Arun Jogi (Both Ambleside )  BT Jo Outhwaite (NALGO)/ Aaron Riley (Ambleside )  11/8 11/7 5/11 13/11

Consolation Final - Elliott Clarke BT Roger Hill (Both Boys Club)11/7 11/5 13/11


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