Newspaper Report - Week 2

Division 1

The season is 2 weeks old, and in Division 1, three sides are vying for the top spot vacated by NALGO A who are not defending their title this year, so this league looks like it will be a lot more open than last year. Ambleside E have got off to a good start with two 9-1 wins over Boys Club B and Stockingford B. Ajax Wolvey A, last year’s runner-up, are in second spot again with 2 wins, including a 10-0 maximum against Crescent A, who find themselves in bottom place having only 2 points from a possible 20 at this early stage of the season.  The only other undefeated side in Div 1 is Boys Club A, who are in third spot, having beaten Crescent and their other club side, Boys Club B, with Mark Perkins achieving a maximum 3 set haul in each of the two games, and the only other player to achieve a similar feat is Jon Williams of Ajax Wolvey A. Gareth Edmunds, who was top of the averages in Div 2 last year has got off to a good start with a maximum, when he helped NALGO D to a 6-4 win against  Stockingford B (St Benedicts A).

Division 2

Ambleside H are the front runners in this league, having beaten Fire Brigade and Ajax Wolvey B, with new boys, Aaron Riley and William Panes helping themselves to a maximum in each of their games. The team that was behind them last year, Ajax Wolvey C, continues to follow Ambleside H in 2ndspot, with 2 wins over Ambleside A, who were promoted from Div 3 last year, and NALGO F. Pete Morris has guested in both games for Wolvey, and has not lost a set so far. Stockingford A, who were St Benedicts A last year, should have found themselves in Div 3, but they were spared as a result of the reduction in team numbers in each league this year. However, they have got off to a good start in 3rdplace, having achieved 2 wins, the same as the 2 teams above them, with wins over Ambleside A and Fire Brigade. NALGO E and NALGO F are in 4thand 5thspot respectively, and they met in the 2ndweek of the season with NALGO F being the narrow winner 6-4, winning the final doubles in 5 sets,and Pete Johnson achieving a maximum 3 sets. Ambleside A are finding it a struggle in this division without a win so far, and the same is true for Fire Brigade and Ajax Wolvey B who are in the bottom 2 places.

Division 3

Crescent B, who just missed out on promotion last year, is the only team throughout the 3 divisions who have yet to drop a set, and accordingly find themselves in top spot. They achieved maxima of 10-0 against Boys Club C and Ajax Wolvey E who, unfortunately are in the bottom two spots. Ibrahim Patel, Asif Patel and Farnham Bham have played in both games and obviously each player has achieved a maximum. In 2ndspot is Ajax Wolvey D, who are 4 points behind the leader, having beaten Ambleside B by 9-1, although Crescent’s sister team, Crescent C did their best to spoil things by taking 3 points off them. Paul Ryall has played in both games for Ajax Wolvey D and he has achieved a maximum in both games. Ambleside F have had two 7-3 wins against their two sister teams Ambleside D and Ambleside B, and Matt Jackson, who was the league young player of the year last year, achieved a maximum in each game. Crescent C  are in 4thplace, having lost to Ajax Wolvey D 7-3, but had an easy 8-2 win against bottom club Ajax Wolvey E. Ambleside D and Ambleside B are in the next 2 places, but they meet in the 3rdweek of the season which should prove an interesting game. Boys Club C are 2nd from bottom, despite having won a game, but unfortunately have been penalised by failing to put out a full team in either game so far – once they have a full team they should prove to be a force worth reckoning with. Ajax Wolvey E only have 2 points so far and are in bottom place, but nevertheless, they continue to enjoy their table tennis.

Author: via Nuneaton Table Tennis League
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