Ambleside Battlers Report

Last night we were playing Cresent C, away. Their players certainly do have some skill and experience, despite their young ages. But that said, our players stepped up to the mark and put up a good fight! Most games that were played were very close indeed, with only one or two points in them, it was quite exciting to watch and egg on the players!

We won a few games, but the overall score was 10 - 0 to Crescent.

In Richards words...'we are just an inch away from getting more games won'...and you're right Richard. With more practise, the Battlers will coming away from matches with more wins without even realising it! Each week they're improving...keep it up guys!

Please check the website for every match we have booked until next year at: then click the 'fixtures' link.

Author: via Nuneaton Table Tennis League
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