Rule changes for 2018 to 2019

At the AGM the following rule changes for 2018/2019 were approved by a majority of those present.

Rule 24 (c). Any team, whcih concedes a match may be deducted 2 points from their league tally, but if a Premier team a deduction of 10 points may be made.

Rule 24 (h).  The team captains will meet and may decide to play the remaining 5 rubbers on 2 tables if it seems that the match will not finish by the allocated time.

Rule 24 (i).  A registered player must play a minimum number of 3 times for his team (including all competitions) during the season leading up to the Annual championships for a player to be eligible to play in the Annual Championships. Discretion will be given to the committee in exceptional circumstances.

Phil Lewis





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