Table Tennis Job Vacancy
Hi All
Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Charlie Childs and I am one of 3 Elected Deputy Chairmen for Table Tennis England.
I have been asked to contact you with reference to the current vacancy for the role of Chairman of the North East Region.
It is intended to allow applications for this vacancy and the successful applicant will then take up this role as from 1st January 2020.

I would like  to ask you if you are able to advertise this vacancy through your more local networks.
TTE can then be assured that this vacancy is being appropriately advertised to the Table Tennis folk of the North East.
This of course does not preclude yourself from applying for this vacancy should you so wish.
If you onward email this can I ask you to cc me so that I know that the application process is being actively promoted.

If you have any folk that might be interested in taking up this vacancy can you ask them to email me.
Their request to be considered for this role should have a personal profile in it detailing their current activity in Table Tennis.

Those requests should be with me, by email, no later than 30th November 2019.
Those requests will then be considered by the Board of TTE and the preferred candidate will be notified.

I thank you in advance for your co-operation in promoting this vacancy.

Regards………..Charlie Childs
Fareham Academy - Chairman Of Trustees
Generation 2 Table Tennis Club - Lead Coach 
Table Tennis England - Elected Deputy Chairman 
Author: via Northumbria Table Tennis League
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