Player match card entry

The Northumbria Summer League would like to trial player match card entry over the summer with a view to introducing it in the winter for all clubs.

Any player, Team Captain or Club Secretary can nominate themselves to input results (there is no limit per club/team) I have to give access hence me asking for names of those wanting to do this. It is always the home team that input the result.

Once a result is entered it has to be approved by the opposition or myself before it goes live on the TT365 website. An email is auto generated by the system asking for approval by the nominated person from the opposing team/club.

To enter a result the basic steps are 

1) Go to the admin area and login using you TTE membership number and password. (there are prompts to recover these should you of forgotten them)

2) Locate the match you need to input via the tasks on your dashboard and click enter result. You only have access to your own division or multiple divisions should this of been set up for you.

3) Complete the match card (Enter players then games) and click submit

If a card has rule violations, logic dictates that you need the impartiality of the league admin to resolve. There will be notifications given on the dashboard to admins, when there are submitted cards, with issues that require admin involvement.

Where an away team captain challenges the result, the system generates a return a message to the home team requesting a change, or an immediate diversion to the league admin to resolve.

Cards that are straightforward go instantly live on confirmation from the away team.

This is a way to reduce the work-load on myself and make the league less work to administer, this can only be a good thing and the way I view this is, if both teams captains a prepared to do their bit, results will be online minutes after the match. This may even be a precursor to an app, which not only does results entry, but potentially acted as a scoring machine, with auto upload of results, live, as they happen, on to our website.

If your team or club does not want to take part in the trial then email the score sheets to myself in the usual way.  

 I will be available to talk through any issues or problems and help make things as easy as possible for you. Either call me or drop me a line by email.

Best Regards

Dale Aitkenhead 

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