League regulation changes

Please see below ... you have until the end of the month to submit any changes or suggestions. 

1.1. These regulations may be altered only by the Annual General Meeting (AGM.) of the Northumberland
County Table Tennis Association (NTTA.) which has the power to alter by amending, deleting or
making new regulations.
1.2. Propositions
1.2.1. Propositions for any changes in regulations for consideration by the AGM may be submitted by a participating club or by a member of the Executive Committee of the NTTA.
1.2.2. Any such proposition for consideration by the AGM must be sent in writing or by email to reach the League Secretary by the last day in May and shall be acknowledged by the League Secretary within seven days.
1.2.3. All propositions so received shall be circulated to all participating clubs at least 21 days before the date of the AGM.
1.3. Alterations to these regulations altering entry fees and fines shall be effective for the following season.
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