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Northumberland County Teams

Season 2016/16

The County is operating one Senior team and one Veterans team in the County Championships this season. The Senior team is in Senior  Division 2A, The Veterans are in Veterans Division 1A, having been promoted last season.

Junior and Cadet teams representing the Northumbria League are playing in the Northern Region National Junior League and National Cadet League. All matches are played at Ormesby TTC. 


Senior team

The division is made up of Derbyshire II, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Bedfordshire,

Cambridgeshire I, Cambridgeshire II, Leicestershire II, Norfolk and Northumberland.

The Northumberland team that played in the first weekend at Draycott on 5th/6th December was Andrew Wilkinson (Cramlington) Chun Yin Yu (N.E.Chinese Assn), Jim Stamas (Newcastle Estate Sport and Leisure Club) Christine Burke (Byker) and Lynsey Storey (Cramlington).

They beat Cambridgeshire II 8 - 2, Leicestershire II 7 - 3, Staffordshire 7 - 3 but lost to

Norfolk 4 - 6 and Bedfordshire 4 - 6.

Chun Yin Yu was unbeaten.


Veterans team

The division is made up of  Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Yorkshire II and Northumberland.

The first weekend was on 28th/29th November at Wolverhampton.

The Northumberland team of Eddie Smith(Newcastle Estate Sport and Leisure Club,)Dave Robson (Byker) Jim Stamas and Karen Henry (North Fire) beat Lincolnshire 7 - 3  and Gloucestershire 9 - 1 but lost to Lancashire 1 - 9. They are in fourth position in the division.


Northumbria League Junior team

The division is made up of Ormesby I, Ormesby II, Ormesby III, Bishop Auckland A, Bishop Auckland B, Darlington, Blitz(Gainsborough) and Northumbria.

The first session was on October 10th 2015 and the team of Adam Webster, Andrew Matfin and Tim Bryce (all Cramlington) lost to Darlington 2 - 7, Bishop Auckland A 1 - 8 and Ormesby A 0 - 9

The second session was on November 21st 2015 and the team was Adam Webster, Andrew Matfin and Thaaqib Saleem(Lanchester). They beat Blitz 7 - 2 Ormesby II 8 - 1 and Ormesby III 9 - 0 but lost to Bishop Auckland B 2 - 7.

They are in fifth place with 29 points.


Northumbria League Cadet team

The team of Adam Webster, Sree Kanakala(Cramlington) and Simon Knopf (Brandon and Byshottles) played in the first session on 15th November 2015. They beat Darlington 7 - 2 but lost to Bishop Auckland 2 - 7 and Ormesby 4 - 5. 

The second session was on 29th November 2015 when they defeated Blitz 7 - 2, Bishop

Auckland B 9 - 0, Ormesby II 7 - 2 and Northfield 9 - 0.

They are in second place with 45 points. 


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