League Update 10th September
The new season in the Northumbria League gets under way next week with fiftytwo teams competing in five divisions.  Quite a number of players have switched clubs from last time round, Cramlington Table Tennis Club losing Dave Robson to Byker TTC, John Williamson to Springwell, Rob Reed to NESLC and Kit Robinson to the Chinese Association. They have acquired Graeme Barella who has returned from Canada, Steve Penman from NESLC and Arran Kent from Matfen.  Old England have lost Tony Gelder who has gone to Springwell and with  Tyne Dock no longer running a team, Micky Grimes and Ian Stewart have moved to nearby Mortimer in South Shields. In the west Newton will be without Neil Forsyth who has joined Matfen, John Carr who will be turning out for YMCA North Tyneside and Wyn Thompson who will be playing for Whitley Chapel.
Cramlington could do with a few more adult players for their lower division teams and anyone interested should contact Alan Hedley on 01670 730307or by email at alanhedley@talktalk.net
On the tournament scene, Northumberland Table Tennis have organised the Newcastle Grand Prix for many years but have found it impossible to do so this year. However top class table tennis will still be staged in the area with Table Tennis England staging the South Shields Grand Prix at Temple Park centre at the beginning of October. Entry forms are available attabletennisengland.co.uk
Aubrey Drapkin
Author: via Northumbria Table Tennis League
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