Northumberland Update
County Matches
The Senior team of Andrew Wilkinson, Dave Robson, Graeme Barella, Christine  Burke and Lynsey Storey finished as runners up in division 2A of the County  Championships. They beat our second team 9 – 1, South Yorkshire 8 – 2 ,  Derbyshire seconds 8 – 2, drew with Staffordshire 5 – 5 and lost to Warwickshire  seconds 3 – 7
The second team of Bonne Habekost, Keith Patterson, Paul Baines, Diane  Cartmell and Pauline Long beat Derbyshire seconds 7 – 3, lost to South Yorkshire  1 – 9, our first team 1 – 9, Staffordshire 4 – 6 and Warwickshire seconds 0 – 10.
The Veterans team are top of the Veterans Division 2A after winning all  four of their matches at the first weekend. The team of Eddie Smith, Dave  Robson, Geoff Salter and Karen Henry defeated Norfolk 8 – 2, Essex seconds 8 – 2, Cambridgeshire 9 – 1 and Northamptonshire 9 – 1
Northumbria League Junior team
The team of Blair Carmichael, Thaaqib Saleem and Simon Knopf  beat  Bishop Auckland B and Hartlepool but lost to Bishop Auckland A in the Northern  section of the Junior National League and are in fifth position after two  weekends.
Northumbria League
We are now in the final week of the first half of the season and up to date  records can be found on  Several matches  have been rearranged but Dale Aitkenhead has no date for the following match: Premier Division – Riding Mill v  N.E.C.A.
Dale must be informed of the new dates by the home teams.
These must be played before the start of the second half of the season and  the home club must offer two dates to the away club, one of which must be  accepted. If the matches are not played before the start of the second half of  the season they will be award 10 – 0 to the away team.
As this will be the last update before the festive season I wish everyone a  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Aubrey Drapkin
Author: via Northumbria Table Tennis League
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