This year the winner was Roumen Stefanov who won the final against Steve Silk 11-9,  5-11,  11-9,  11-3. The order of the remaining players was 3 John Fuller, 4 Richard Elliott, 5 Alex Aston, 6 Martin Hall, 7 Nigel Metcalfe,  8 Henry Arthur, 9 Steve Hobbs, 10 Barry Thompson 11 Mike Hawes 12 Ian Baldock.




This was won by Christine Scaysbrook who won against Helen Watts 8-11, 11-9, 11-9, 6-11, 12-10. Helen Watts was second, Maxine Shears third, Clare Coles fourth and Deirdre Kiziak fifth.




The absence of an injured Steve Silk, who had won the Veterans Top 12 for the past two years made Andy Trott's task of claiming another title even easier. Four straight game wins in his group gave him a semi-final place while Nigel Metcalfe's surprise victory over Kevin Bird eased him into the top four. 

John Fuller took control of the second group but had to survive a five end encounter with Roumen Stefanov before finishing in pole position. However with Richard Elliott hitting top form to beat Stefanov in straight games it was the Hingham player who had the unenviable task of meeting Trott at the at the semi-final stage.

Fuller made no mistake against his Kettering Town teammate but a surprise was on the cards  when Elliott took the first two games against Trott. However Trott regained his touch to take three ends in a row and so take his place in a repeat of the recent Mens Singles final against Fuller.

The customary attack versus defence ensued with Fuller's excellent control taking the match to a deciding end. He then forced Trott into mistakes which gave the Kettering player a five one lead at he change of ends. Suddenly everything changed as Trott reeled off eight points to lead nine five. Four points later it was all over and Trott had taken yet another title.

Another player who dererved a mention was Tony Woodward who defied his No 43 County ranking to finish in sixth place.

Final positions:- 1. Andy Trott. 2. John Fuller. 3. Richard Elliott, 4. Nigel Metcalfe, 5. Roumen Stefanof. 6. Tony Woodward. 7 Kevin Bird. 8. Matthew Rushden. 9. Martin Hall. 10. Alex Aston. 11. Mike Hawes.




The Women Veterans Top 6 was decimated by illness leaving newly qualified Helen Watts with an easy task.  She dropped a single end against newcomer Christine Scaysbrooke bur otherwise was untroubled.

Final Placings:- 1. Helen Watts. 2. Christine Scaysbrook. 3. Deirdre Kiziak. 4. Linda Freeman.




Andy Trott's win in the Veterans Top 12 and John Fuller's place in the final kept the talented duo at the top of the latest issue of the Thornton's Sport County Ranking List.

Latest Positions:- 1. Andy Trott. 2. John Fuller. 3. Steve Silk. 4. Miles Chan. 5. Roumen Stefanov. 6. Przemek Sikorski. 7. Kevin Bird. 8. Dawid Przybysz. 9. Richard Elliott. 10. Chris Ross. 11. Alex Ramsden. 12. Ben Tombs. 13. Brian Wooding. 14. Chris Gibbons. 15. Lee O'Boyle. 16. Richard Bashford. 17. Chris Haynes. 18. Nigel Metcalfe. 19. Dan Smalley. 20. Mick Allsop.

Dennis Millman Northants County Press Officer

21 April 2015

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