KO Cup 2018 / 19

Semi Final Summary 

      The first semi-final was between 2 Division 2 teams.  Headlands Herons started with a lead of 84 points over DCA Leopards.  Leopards managed to reduce the lead to 37 by the end of the 6th Game but a strong performance from James Bashford in the 7th match increased Herons lead again and they held on to win by 19 points.

         The other semi final was between Gayton and DCA Panthers, 2 division 1 teams.  Panthers started with a lead of 30 points and managed to remain in the lead for the whole contest and increase their lead slightly to win by 42 points.


Quarter Final  Summary 

       The quarter finals produced some very close results.  Division 1 Gayton managed to hold on to their lead to beat Northampton Hares by 8 points.  Headlands Herons from division 2 also managed to hold on to their lead to beat division 1 Headland Hawks by 13 points.

        In an all division 2 tie DCA Leopards came out on top beating ACC B by 49 points.  In the final tie DCA Panthers had to pull Alec Kingston back in to the team at the last minute due to an injury for their fixture to go ahead against Headlands Hedgehogs.  This produced a very closely fought match with Panthers winning by 6 points.

Round 2 Summary 

      Of the matches that were played in round 2 there were some close ties.  The closest was between Headlands Hedgehog and Bridge, with the div 1 (hedgehogs) catching up the points and holding on in the doubles to win by 21 points.  Gayton were victorious over Headlands harriers winning by 23 just points.

       Div 2 DCA Leopards were able to hold on to their lead over Div 1 Saints to win by 33 points and in an all headlands tie Div 1 Hawks beat the prem side Hares by 53 points.

Round 1 Summary

      The closest match in round 1 was between Headlands Hedgehogs and ACC A.  The division 1 one side managed  to catch up the points in game 9 and hold on to win 24 points.  DCA panthers beat Headlands Hornets by 70 points.  Bridge had a comfortable win over Park Avenue after taking an end off the premiership team early in the march.


Round 1 Round 2 Quarter Final Semi Final Final 
 DCA Panthers (H)    
 V DCA Panthers (A)   

 Headlands Hornets 

  V DCA Panthers (H)  
 DCA Tigers (H)    
 V DCA Tigers (H)   
   V DCA Panthers (A) 
 Headlands Hedgehogs (H)    
 V  Headlands Hedgehogs (A)   
 ACC A    
  V Headlands Hedgehogs (A)  

 Park Avenue (H)

 V Bridge (H)   
    V DCA Panthers (H)
 V Gayton (A)   
  V Gayton (H)  
 Headlands Harriers    
 V Headlands Harriers (H)   
   V Gayton (H) 
 Northampton Hares    
 V Northampton Hares (A)   
  V Northampton Hares (A)  
 V DCA Lions (H)   
 DCA Lions    
 V Headlands Harriers (A)   
 Headlands Hares    
  V Headlands Hawks (H)  
 Headlands Hawks    
 V Headlands Hawks (H)   
   V Headlands Herons (A) 
 Headlands Heyenas (H)    
 V DCA Eagles (A)   
 DCA Eagles    
  V Headlands Herons (A)  
 V Headlands Herons (H)   
 Headlands Herons    
  V Headlands Herons (A)
 V DCA Flyers (A)   
 DCA Flyers    
  ACC B (H)  
 ACC B    
 V ACC B (H)   
   V DCA Leopards (H) 
 V Saints (A)   
  V DCA Leopards (A)  
 VDCA Leopards (H)    
 DCA Leopards    

Handicap Rules


Handicaps are calculated using results from the first half of the current season.


Only players who have played the required number of matches are listed.


Teams can select any player listed under thier team name.

If you need to field a player who is not listed under your team name then please contact the cup secretary to obtain a handicap.  Where possible this should be done a minimum of 48hrs before the match is due to be played.

2Peter GibbsACC A301540
2Duncan BrudenallACC A25243
2Chris GibbsACC A322810
2Martin NealACC B12078
2Julie NealACC B23273
2David KerslakeACC B26274
2Michael ShannonACC B18367
2Ad DattaACC B20200
 2Andy Morrison ACC B 12 73 
2Colin HaddonBridge151216
2Eugene NolanBridge181227
2Steve CarrollBridge211619
1Frank WhiteleyDCA Eagles211042
1Aled RobertsDCA Eagles211811
1Paul NicholsDCA Eagles241820
 1Mark Thomas DCA Eagles   20 
PremAnna WilsonDCA Flyers12267
PremRay KingstonDCA Flyers20944
PremDan AppannaDCA Flyers181513
PremMartin HallDCA Flyers292414
2Nigel CorbettDCA Leopards18749
2Vincent PhamDCA Leopards21198
2Mark StewartDCA Leopards24227
2Virgil Birch-AbbanDCA Leopards272312
2Fred WakefieldDCA Lions20848
2Alan ChadwickDCA Lions17938
2Bob PickersgillDCA Lions241820
2Albert PangDCA Lions21198
1Ian McIlwaineDCA Panthers26371
1Felix Machin-BradburyDCA Panthers231045
1George BashfordDCA Panthers321933
PremMeenal VizDCA Tigers14078
PremOleg PlugaruDCA Tigers211234
PremAlec KingstonDCA Tigers321250
1David NichollsGayton12173
1Suraj AjitGayton301248
1David HowardGayton211427
1Richard PringuerGayton271536
1Sue MoloneyHeadlands Hares27468
1Trevan VassHeadlands Hares24950
1Alan CreedHeadlands Hares241047
PremVictor CodnerHeadlands Harriers24078
PremAuch DemeterHeadlands Harriers21369
PremIan BaldockHeadlands Harriers241530
1Hartley HancockHeadlands Hawks30956
1Clive KellyHeadlands Hawks21198
1Mayur ShahHeadlands Hawks302124
1Phil HackettHeadlands Hedgehogs20944
1Steve FullerHeadlands Hedgehogs201136
1David SmithHeadlands Hedgehogs25236
2Keith ParsonsHeadlands Herons36862
2Steve BashfordHeadlands Herons361351
2James BashfordHeadlands Herons331544
2Stephen BattisonHeadlands Hornets18271
2Trevor LittleHeadlands Hornets21272
2Gwyn PowellHeadlands Hornets26371
2Robert UnderwoodHeadlands Hornets14457
2Alan DaleHeadlands Hornets26758
2Luke ColemanHeadlands Hyenas14646
2Graham DoveHeadlands Hyenas271341
2Anthony RutterHeadlands Hyenas271439
PremTony WoodwardKingsley A241121
PremChris StoneKingsley A271244
PremBrian WoodingKingsley A18169
PremTony WhartonKingsley B22846
PremAndy LawKingsley B311541
PremAndrew HarrisonKingsley B312234
1Clive AppletonKingsley C24467
1John StampKingsley C15553
1Terry SpurgeonKingsley C21657
1Scott DixonKingsley C211778
PremDavid GeorgeNorthampton Hares18558
PremMaggie WelsmanNorthampton Hares211042
PremPawel JuraszczykNorthampton Hares241530
PremGerald HensonPark Avenue301540
PremJamie ChamberlainPark Avenue302611
PremAndy WoodPark Avenue30286
1Michael AllenSaints23466
1Mick HendersonSaints241433
1Nigel ThompsonSaints261631
1Gabor TothSaints23223



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