NWKTTA - KO Handicap Competition

Handicap KO Competition 1st Round

To be played week commencing Monday 15th October


Bexley Sports 'C' v Bexley Sports 'B'

Youngs 'A' v Joydens Wood 'C'

Cleeve Park 'B' v Youngs 'B'

Joydens Wood 'D' v Sutton 'B'

VCD 'A' v Bexley Sports 'D'

VCD 'B' v Bexley Sports 'A'

Sutton 'A' v  Cleeve Park 'A'

 Bexley Sports 'E' v Youngs 'C'


Team Captains:-

Bexley Sports 'A' - Peter Stevens

Bexley Sports 'B' - Marc Cassettari

Bexley Sports 'C' - Paul Silver

Bexley Sports 'D' - Graham Wingham

Bexley Sports 'E' - Trevor Newton

Cleeve Park 'A' - Vladimir Shadrunov

Cleeve Park 'B' - Vander Caceres

Joydens Wood 'C' - Andy Butcher

Joydens Wood 'D' - Gavin Sturrock

Sutton 'A' - Keith Ward

VCD 'A' - Luke May

VCD 'B' - Jane Windram

Youngs 'A' - John Watson

Youngs 'B' - John Platt 


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