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This is the North Herts Table Tennis Association's new website which will run in parallel with its existing site until we are satisfied that there are no underlying issues that require action.  In the long run it is hoped that this website will replace both the existing website and the system of spreadsheets whereby we keep you up to date with League and Cup Competitions. 

In your own interest you should click on Web Browser from the site's menu and read the article to ensure you have no problems viewing this website.

This new version of the website has taken over 8,000 hours of programming time and almost two years.  It has been through 6 weeks of intense beta testing prior to launch with over 80 participants.  Sincere thanks to all those who took part with special thanks to:

Russell Benstead (Chester & Ellesmere Port)

Richard Baker (Luton)

Keith Spaughton (Barnet)

Alan McEwan (Braintree)

Dale Aitkenhead (Northumbria)

With any new system there are inevitably going to be a few bugs in the first few weeks so if you do come across something that does not seem to be working correctly, please advise Gordon Barnes.   In fact, feel free to send him your feedback on the new version or any ideas you have for future improvements; your opinion is valued and as you will see when you start to use the new version, many of the new features and improvements have come from previous suggestion reports.

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