Team Contact / Captain - Information Sheet

Main responsibilities:

Select a team of 3 and make sure all players know who is in the team. Selection should be on a fair basis to ensure everyone gets a sufficient amount of games.

In exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary to make alterations to fixtures, any changes should be agreed together with opponents’ captain, and inform the league’s match secretary (Tony Halse) of any amendments.

Away matches

·       Arrange transport ensuring all those playing know pick-up places & times. You should be aiming to arrive at your venue by 19:00 at the latest. Brixham & Torbay Academy request you should arrive by 18:45 to enable a prompt start at 19:00

·       Fill out scorecard after your opponents have.

·       Provide a scorer for the first set and every alternate set.

·       Ensure all juniors are returned to parents as quickly as possible after matches.

Home matches

·       Team to arrive by 6.30 to help set up the venue and start knocking up to ensure a prompt start when opponents arrive.

·       You need to provide an ITTF approved 3 star match ball (ideally new for each match), ensure you also have spares.  Balls will be available to purchase from the club.

·       Ensure someone is responsible for bringing light refreshments (ie: squash, and biscuits or cake).

·       Welcome your opponents and introduce yourselves.

·       Bring a scorecard & pen, fill in your team’s name and players, home team players to be filled in first.

·       Ensure games are continuous with short knocking up times to complete all 9 sets by 10.00.  It may be necessary to play on two tables if finish is unlikely to be before 10.00. 

·       Provide an umpire for alternate sets throughout the evening.

·       Hand the completed scorecard to the league’s match secretary (Tony Halse) at the end of the match. If he is not present email a photo of the card to him.  (

·       Collect £5 match fee from each player and give to Tony at the end of the match.  If he is not present, hold on to £15 until next session.

Ensure all players behave appropriately throughout the evening (ie no talking or leaving/joining games during play and no use of mobile phone during games) and shake their opponent’s hand (or touch bats to socially distance) at the end of each game.  SUPPORT YOUR TEAM MATES!

It will be difficult for the juniors, some in their first year, and those new to the league, so please encourage and support them as much as possible as they bed into the league.   And most important  -  ENJOY YOURSELVES!   

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