Minutes of AGM – 31st July 2020 at 76 Palace Meadow, Chudleigh,19.00

Present  -  Dennis Gibbs, Tony Halse, Sonja Ryland, Kevin Nicholls, Doug Morgan, Geoff Read, Nick Halse, Mike Dummett

1.     Apologies  - Rob Bayliss

2.     Dennis welcomed those present and signed the agreed minutes of the 2019 AGM and thanked Tony for another year of hard work particularly regarding the necessary Covid 19 documents.

3.     The Chairman signed the minutes as a true record of the 2019 AGM

4.     The Secretary circulated a report on the progress that the club has made during the previous 12 months. He mentioned a really successful year in the league for the club’s top teams and also pointed out that, subject to full committee approval, NA Owls will be declared joint winners of Division 3.  He said he was very disappointed that the tournament, and therefore the planned finals night at Stover School, were cancelled due to the virus but hoped that the finals night at Stover will return 2021. The season’s league awards would be presented at the League’s AGM hopefully at the end of this year.  The Secretary said he hoped that the club’s awards (Albany Florist Cup, Don Blatchford Cup & Challenge Shield) could all be competed for before the end of the calendar year.  The South Devon League were not expecting to commence play until Jan 2021.  With the league opting to retain TT365 it meant that our website was safe for at least another year

5.     The Treasurer’s financial statement was circulated. The Treasurer reported a good season financially, with approx. £500 profit over the 9 months table tennis was played. Current Balance £3,544.95. Assets increased with the purchase of more scoring machines and umpires tables. Major income being session fees with the major expenditure the hiring of premises.  Costs of premises has not been increased for a number of years so increases likely soon.  The treasurer reported that the league may well reduce the league fees with the possibility of scrapping the team fee. This would result in the club reducing their fees accordingly for those wishing to play in the league for NATTC (Possibly down to £10/adult, £5/junior). No increases in session fees from 6 years ago, it was agreed to keep the costs of playing table tennis at the club as low as possible. Although the charges will need to be amended while the booking system, as a result of the pandemic, was in force.  It was suggested that an hour session would be £3, a second session booked on the same night a further £2 with the final session free if there was space. It was felt that booking over a week in advance should be curtailed to prevent the same person booking up tables for weeks in advance.

6.     Chairman/Welfare Officer – Dennis Gibbs

Secretary/Treasurer – Tony Halse

Volunteer Coordinator – Mike Dummett

Committee:  Nick Halse, Geoff Read, Doug Morgan, Rob Bayliss, Sonja Ryland & Kevin Nicholls were all elected back on to the committee.

7.     A lengthy discussion on the return to TT following the pandemic lockdown ensued. The secretary read out the ridiculous statement just circulated to Table Tennis England Members claiming a return to league action on September 1st, saying how unhelpful that was.  NATTC was prepared for a return to club sessions as soon as the school will allow us back in.  All the necessary documentation and materials/equipment necessary for start up were in place.  The secretary asked for help from the committee to assist with the extra work necessary when a return is possible.  He pointed out that all the important documents relating to a return to play could be found on the club website under Covid 19.  Okehampton TTC had said there could be an opportunity for us to hold club sessions at their club, however it was felt that the distance to travel and the cost would make this unlikely to be successful. Individuals however could request to join in their sessions.

8.     A O B – There was a brief discussion on next season’s league and possible teams, but it was felt it was far too early to come up with proposed teams although it was hoped we could still field at least 10 teams.  The league are going to request larger squads for the new season as ‘illness’ was likely to be a problem.

There was unlikely to be a league handbook for the coming shortened season.

9.     With there being no further business, the meeting closed at 20:30.


Signed _____________________________  Chairman           Date_______________________

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