Minutes of AGM – 26th July 2019 at Teign School, 19.30

Present  -  Dennis Gibbs, Tony Halse, Sonja Ryland, Kevin Nicholls, Doug Morgan, Geoff Read, Nick Halse

1.     Apologies  -  Mike Dummett, Rob Bayliss

2.     Dennis welcomed those present and signed the agreed minutes of the 2018 AGM and commented on the successful growth of the club since its inception 6 years ago. Dennis mentioned a couple of  new events - the Craig Bryant coaching session and the Buzzards Christmas Fancy Dress match, both of which were a success.

3.     The Secretary circulated a report on the progress that the club has made during the previous 12 months. He also highlighted the league’s  finals night at the Racecourse, although a league event it was down to our club to stage it. A great night with some terrific performances from members of the club.

4.     The Treasurer’s financial statement was circulated. The Treasurer reported a good season financially, with under £10 difference between income and expenditure over £10K turnover. Current Balance £2,997.09. Major income being session fees with the major expenditure the hiring of premises.  Cost of premises has not been increased for a number of years so increases likely soon.  The secretary agreed to write to the school requesting repairs to the existing lighting in both the Hall & AMS.  Although League fees have risen the treasurer reported that there was no need to increase membership fees to join NATTC for those wishing to play in the league. No increases in session fees from 6 years ago, it was agreed to keep the costs of playing table tennis at the club as low as possible.

5.     The following were re-elected on to the Committee:

Chairman/Welfare Officer – Dennis Gibbs

Secretary/Treasurer – Tony Halse

Volunteer Coordinator – Mike Dummett

Committee:  Nick Halse, Geoff Read, Doug Morgan, Rob Bayliss, Sonja Ryland & Kevin Nicholls.

6.     Teams for 2019-20 were discussed at length.  Nothing was firmed up as there was still the best part of 5 weeks before teams had to be entered in the League.  However useful discussions and thoughts were forthcoming, with ideas and people to contact agreed.  Generally it was thought 13-14 teams was a realistic target with the players who are likely to be wanting to play.

7.     A O B - Nick Halse suggested that it may be an idea to try and seek views and ideas from juniors and the lower division players as they were not represented on the committee.  Kevin Nicholls pointed out how grateful everyone at the club was for the amount of work the secretary undertakes, and specifically asked for it to be minuted!  The secretary also outlined the problems he was having with Table Tennis England and suggested that Premier Club status at a cost of £65 was not worth continuing as Associate membership, FOC, had most of the same benefits, it’s all about paying for the name!  The massive amount of extra work necessary following TTE’s changes are a burden but hopefully all the issues will be resolved shortly (at present the club are unable to renew their players TTE membership fees).

8.     With there being no further business, the meeting closed at 20:30.


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