Measures introduced to enable safe return to Club Sessions

Hygiene recommendations:

  • Players to not attend any playing facility if they are having any symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19
  • Players use their own bats
  • Balls should be washed regularly to minimise risk
  • No handshaking/slapping hands
  • No breathing on the ball to clean
  • No hand wiping on the table
  • Hand hygiene (hand sanitisers, with a minimum of 60% alcohol level) on entry and exit to venues, as well as pre, post and during training. Emphasis should however be on each individual taking responsibility for their own hygiene and encouraged at all times to bring their own hand sanitisers.
  • Washing of hands regularly and before the start of any activity.
  • Players bring their own sanitisers, water bottles, refreshments, towel etc which must be kept in a bag at all times, along with any removed clothing. There will be no refreshments available at the session.
  • Tables should be cleaned and wiped dry using 2-3 sprays of a diluted soapy water solution after every hourly session.
  • Those not exercising should wear a face covering in enclosed public spaces where social distancing is not possible


Spatial and facility usage recommendations

  • Training partners are separated by at least 2 metres (length of the table) at any time
  • Training times are divided so a minimal number of participants are engaged in a hall at any one time. For example, this may require splitting a normal three-hour session into three, one hour sessions.
  • Implement a booking system to ensure that any required limits can be adhered to and registers of participants in the hall are kept.
  • Restrictions for parents attending sessions
  • All tables used are separated by partitions/barriers/nets, if possible.
  • Table areas are a minimum of 4 metres by 8 metres
  • Venue to be kept well ventilated, with any ventilation system kept on and/or doors remaining open wherever possible. This should be undertaken 15 minutes prior to the arrival of the participants.
  • Fix doors open that can be safely left open, where feasible
  • Doubles play is currently not permitted
  • Minimum of 10-minute break is used when players using the same table are swapping over, players must wipe down their side of the playing surface upon finishing.
  • Changing rooms and showers are not to be used for showering or changing, this should be done at home and players arrive ready to play
  • Clubs/leagues could appoint a ‘hygiene’ officer to monitor the playing environments to ensure guidelines clubs/leagues have set out are being adhered to.
  • Club to agree with hirers responsibility for cleaning the premises before and after the club's session.
  • Club to ensure each person in the venue has a minimum  of 100 sq ft space.  A maximum of 45 persons in the hired area (3 badminton courts) 


Injury and illness

  • Players are encouraged to not take part in match play and more vigorous exercise straight away, it is important to build up to match play and higher intensity play to prevent ill health and injury
  • You should feel you are in the correct physical condition before considering a return to training and match play.
  • It is recommended that ‘vulnerable’ players should not return until further restrictions are lifted


Much of the above is also detailed in the players Code of Conduct document.

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