Final Divisional Tables at the end of the night second session

Night Points - 10 attendance points less divisional points (Division + position)

Plus an extra 2 bonus points for each divisional winner of the first round of matches in the evening.  Div 1 - Marc Winstanley, Div 2 - Michael Bow, Div 3 - Fred Wakefield,  Div 4 - Rowan Bayliss 

Pos  Player           Pld   Won   Lost  For   Ag    PtsNight Points   
1stMarc Winstanley32153410-(1+1)=8+2=10
2ndMichael Bow32143410-(1+2)=7+2=9 
3rdLaurie Girling31244210-(1+3)=6
4thSimon Baxter31225210-(1+4)=5
Pos  Player           Pld   Won   Lost  For   Ag    PtsNight Points   
1stFred Wakefield33061610-(2+1)=7+2=9
2ndAndy Guy32153410-(2+2)=6
3rdNemo Jones31235210-(2+3)=5
4thMichael Rook30316010-(2+4)=4
Pos  Player           Pld   Won   Lost  For   Ag    PtsNight Points   
1stRowan Bayliss33061610-(3+1)=6+2=8
2ndAndrew Davies32152410-(3+2)=5
3rdDebi Curl31225210-(3+3)=4
4thDavid Olver30316010-(3+4)=3
Pos  Player           Pld   Won   Lost  For   Ag    PtsNight Points   
1stRob Ferguson33061610-(4+1)=5
2ndJosh Redfern32143410-(4+2)=4
3rdPaul Beckley31244210-(4+3)=3


The new tournament for Newton Abbot TTC regulars, aimed at our Division Four/Five standard players, non league players and beginners, attracted 16 players.

Four divisions of four players were formed based loosely around TTE ranking points, with the higher ranked players starting in the lowest division.
Many really good, close matches ensued, providing excellent competitive games both for our league players and those wanting to progress to play in the league.

The first round of matches on the night saw the top two players in each division promoted with the bottom two relegated, to form the final round of matches which count towards the individuals points tally for the competition. There were fine performances from Marc Winstanley, Michael Bow, Fred Wakefield & Rowan Bayliss in the first round of matches. 

In the second, points and award winning round, Rob Ferguson came out top in Division 4, Rowan Bayliss, moving up the divisions quickly, won the third division.  The second division decider between Andy Guy and Fred Wakefield saw Fred take the Division Two award, while Marc Winstanley just defeated Michael Bow for the first division title on games difference.

We return to do it all again in two weeks time.

Apologies, i forgot to take any pics, so this one is from last years tournament!


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