Dear All

So far this season there has been so many cancellations and many I have not been notified of

Just to remind you all that the rules state a team may only postpone a maximum of two matches per season (home or away) Any further postponements must be agreed by the League Secretary . The League Secretary has the power to award all league points for the match to the opposing team if a team postpones more than two matches in a season without prior agreement with the League Secretary.

I know it is difficult this year with players playing in different leagues and Basingstoke operating a no cancellation rule But please let me know if you have cancelled or are postponing and when the new date is when known .

Remember some clubs can play players up from a lower division so please make every effort to play the matches on the correct dates

If you are one of the few teams who have notified me about postponements please ignore the above

Thank you

Eric Panting League Secretary

Author: via Newbury Table Tennis League
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