Ormesby TTC B  - 1 point  v Ormesby TTC L - 5 points 

MID KO Cup final 2018 Orm L

Left to right: Jak Ali, Michael Young, Daniel Bennett, Gary Whyman, Edward Adams and Karl Shaw. 


Well done to the three young Ormesby L team players Edward Adams, Daniel Bennett and Jak Ali who won the 2018 Middlesbrough TT League KO Handicap Cup last night.
In an entertaining match that they won 5-1, the match was in fact much closer than the scoreline suggests.
The Ormesby B players Michael Young, Gary Whyman and Karl Shaw all played well but the L teams handicaps proved too big to overcome.


Ormesby TTC B -  5 points  v  Beaumont Accountancy Nomads A - 3 points

Mid League 201718 KO Semis 2


 Left to right: Jane Lynas (Nomads), Gary Whyman (Ormesby B), Bruce Lowther (Nomads), Michael Young and Karl Shaw (both Ormesby B),  Kevin Linsley (Nomads).


Ormesby TTC G  - 2 points  v  Ormesby TTC L - 5 points

Mid League 201718 KO Semis


 Left to right: Jak Ali and Edward Adams (both Ormesby L), Peter Wagner (Ormesby G), Daniel Bennett (Ormesby L), Mike Newton and Bob Wasson (both Ormesby G) and Syd Davis (Ormesby G -non playing capt.).



 Ormesby TTC - 5 points G  v  Ormesby TTC K - 4 points

Beaumont Accountancy Nomads A - 5 points  v Nunthorpe TTC C

Nunthorpe TTC B - 3 points  v  Ormesby TTC B - 5 points

Ormesby TTC L v Ormesby TTC D


  Knock-Out Handicap Cup Report 

Play in the Middlesbrough and District Table Tennis League last week focused on the quarter final round of the Knock-Out Handicap Cup.  In the main match Beaumont Accountancy Nomads D, with two wins each from Jane Lynas and Bruce Lowther defeated Nunthorpe C by 5 points to 3.  John Goulding was the best player for Nunthorpe C winning two of his sets against Lynas and Lowther, whilst Peter Adamson won one against John Shallow.  

The closest match was a victory for Bruce Lowther against Glyn Robinson, this was just by 1 point when Bruce won the second game 21-19 with the handicap taken into account.




Ormesby TTC C  v  Ormesby TTC L - W/O

Ormesby TTC I - 0 points  v  Beaumont Accountancy Nomads A - 5 points

Ormesby TTC A - 3 points  v  Nunthorpe TTC C - 5 points

Ormesby TTC K - 5 points  v  Ormesby TTC E - 3 points

Ormesby TTC F - 1 point  v  Ormesby TTC B - 5 points

Ormesby TTC D - 5 points  v  Beaumont Accountanct Nomads C 1 point

Nunthorpe TTC A - 4 points  v  Ormesby TTC G - 5 points

Nunthorpe TTC B - 5 points  v  East Cleveland TTC - 1 point



East Cleveland  -  5 points  V  Ormesby TTC H  - 2 points

Ormesby TTC J  - 1 point  V  Ormesby TTC I  - 5 points

Nunthorpe TTC A - 5 points  V  Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B - 4 points

All the other teams received a bye






Ormesby G - Eve Witterick, Jonah Hannaway and Ryan Davies

Ormesby G - 5 points    -     East Cleveland 1 point

Mid KO CUP winners 2017

Left to right - Ryan Davies, Eve Witterick and Jonah Hannaway



KO Cup Semi final 2017 

Left to right: Ormesby F - Keith Lewis, Mike McMahon and Tom Hand and Semi final winners, East Cleveland - Noel Clerkin, Paul Flanigan and Huw WIlliams.

KO Cup Final - date to be arranged

East Cleveland TTC   v  Ormesby TTC K


KO Cup Semi Final - results

Ormesby TTC F - 4 points  v  East Cleveland TTC  - 5 points

Ormesby TTC K  - 5 points  v Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B - 4 points


KO Cup 3rd Round  - quarter final - results

Ormesby TTC L Bailiffs - 3 points v Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B - 5 points

Nunthorpe TTC A  - 4 points v  East Cleveland TTC A - 5 points

Ormesby TTC F - W/O v Ormesby TTC A

Ormesby TTC H Pirates - 1 point v Ormesby TTC K - 5 points


KO Cup 2nd Round - results

Ormesby TTC  J Wheelers - 2 points v  Ormesby H - 5 points

Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B - 5 points  v  Ormesby TTC B - 3 points

Nunthorpe TTC A - 5 points v  Ormesby TTC G - 2 points

Nunthorpe TTC C - 3 points v  East Cleveland TTC A - 5 points

Beaumont Accountancy Nomads A  - 1 point v  Ormesby TTC K - 5 points

Ormesby TTC  E - 3 points v  Ormesby TTC F 5 points

Ormesby TTC I - 3 points v  Ormesby TTC A - 5 points

Nunthorpe TTC B - 0 points v  Ormesby TTC L - 5 points


ROUND ONE results

The results for the first round of matches played in the KO Cup are below, with the winning teams in red.

Nunthorpe TTC A - 5 points  v Ormesby TTC D - 4 points

Nunthorpe TTC B  - 5 points  v Beaumont Accountancy Nomads C  - 3 points

Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B - W/O    v Ormesby TTC C

All the other teams have a Bye.



Ormesby D winners of the 2016 KO Handicap Cup

Mid League KO CUp players


Two Ormesby teams contested the 2016 KO Cup FInal.

Ormesby D from the first division pictured on the left of the picture, George Hill, Kieran Wardell and Jack Dewar and Ormesby I from the second division Beth Wardell, Tommy Hawkes and Callum McMenamin.


George Jack Kieran 2016 April


Ormesby D, the first team through to the 2016 KO Handicap Cup Final 

left to right George Hill, Jack Dewar and Kieran Wardell.



The draw for the KO Cup Semi-finals is as follows:

Match to be played before Friday 15 April

Ormesby D - 5 points  v  Swerve B - 2 points

Ormesby I - 5  points v  Beaumont C - 2 points 



Beaumont Accountancy Nomads C - 5 points  v   Nunthorpe A - 3 points

Ormesby D - 5 points  v  Beaumont Accountancy Nomads D - 0 points

Ormesby G - 3 points  v  Swerve B - 5 point

Ormesby I  - 5 points  v  Ormesby E  - 4 points


Swerve B  v  Nunthorpe B

Ormesby G  W/O  v  Ormesby A conceded

Ormesby I - 5 points  v  Swerve D - 2 points

Ormesby B - 2 points  v  Ormesby D - 5 points

Swerve E - 2 points  v Nunthorpe A - 5 points

Ormesby E  - 5 points  v  Ormesby F - 3 points

Beaumont Accountancy Nomads C - 5 points  v  Ormesby J -  2 points

Beaumont Accountancy Nomads D - 5 points  v  Swerve C - 0 points



Alan Edwards 11 Dec 2015


Pictured above is Ormesby I's star player Alan Edwards who won all three of his games in the KO Handicap Cup match against first division Ormesby C. With the match standing at four games all, 11 year old Alan won the final game giving the Ormesby I team the victory. Beth Wardell and Callum McMenamin won the other two games for Ormesby I.

Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B - 2 points  v  Ormesby D - 5 points

Nunthorpe C - 4 points  v  Swerve C - 5 points

Ormesby I - 5 points  v  Ormesby C - 4 points

Ormesby H - 2 points  v  Nunthorpe B - 5 points

Ormesby K - 1 points  v  Ormesby G - 5 points

All other teams have byes to the second round apart from Swerve A, Beaumont A, East Cleveland A and B who have requested not to take part in the 2015-2016 KO CUP.

Matches are scheduled to be played week commencing Monday 7 December 2015.


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