Match Report

A close match up this week between The Lambrettas and Oakhill OTT with some close matches
throughout including plenty of four and five setters along the way.

Great performances from all the 'Brettas home team with a fantastic 24 points haul from the singles
as the whole team were in good form. For captain Dan, he was the only player to get a maximum on the night
simultaneously denying Paul the same achievement in a very tight five setter where Dan managed to tip the scales in his direction in the final game.

For the visitors, as already mentioned, Paul was the star player of the night as he won all but one of his
singles. Gary swiped a few points away from both Paul and John, but couldnt manage to convert any of the matches into wins so comes away with 3 points.
Nigel came close to winning a couple points also from Paul and John, but  unfortunately it wasnt to be.

Oakhill never gave up though throughout the night, and finished on a high with a great 3 - 0 win in the doubles.

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