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Home Player Away Player Games Score
Alec Lockyer  (-1)
 (+2) 7-11 7-11 5-11 0-3
Alec Lockyer  (+9)
 (-5) 11-6 9-11 18-16 11-5 3-1
Alec Lockyer  (-3)
 (+6) 11-2 11-9 6-11 8-11 4-11 2-3
 (+2) 11-9 5-11 8-11 12-14 1-3
 (+3) 6-11 9-11 7-11 0-3
 (+9) 4-11 5-11 11-13 0-3
Matt Locker  (+5)
 (-2) 11-8 9-11 11-7 11-9 3-1
Matt Locker  (+3)
 (-2) 11-1 11-4 11-6 3-0
Matt Locker  (+1)
 (0) 11-9 11-7 11-7 3-0
7-11 12-10 2-11 5-11 1-3
Submitted By: Mark Bennetts :: Approved By: Mark Bennetts :: Completed By: Mark Bennetts 16 - 20

Match Report

Well what a great evenings table tennis, with some close matches, some unexpected wins, some amazing come-backs, plenty of nets (from Ian mostly) and a close result.

The Blaggers star player Matt continued his improving form with 3 impressive wins under his belt, and while
Johns hard bat gave him a bit of a tough time and I did my very best to keep the rallies going looking for an opening, Matt was just blasting us off the table with some seemingly impossible shots that were just un-returnable.

While there were no match wins for Ian there were some very close games, especially against Mark where he won the first set and came very close to winning the fourth would could have easily swung the match in his favour.

Alec was playing some great table tennis all night, with his backhand flicks making their mark almost every time - this not only earned him a great win over Martin in four, but got him an early 2 set lead in a cracking battle with John. John (AKA the comeback kid), dug deep in the 3rd and 4th sets resulting in some fantastic
fast rallies and some stunning smash returns. In the end John came through with the win in 5 sets.

By the doubles St.Pauls were just 1 point ahead and in a nervous position playing the father-son duo of Alec and Matt, but luckily for us Martin and I played a solid game while across the net mistakes were starting to creep in.

A great night - well played Blaggers.

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