Memorial Cup Info/Results 2017-18

The Rules

The rules for this competition -
1 - Each match based on best of 5 games - 11up - 9 singles only, no doubles
2 - Result based on match winners - 5-4, 6-3 etc

3 - Plastic ball to be used throughout

Round One

Team A (Home)Team B (Away)Winners
byebyeLitton Exiles
byebyeThe Lambrettas
byebyeRing O Bells
byebyePrattens Amigos
St.PaulsWest HillBilliesWest HillBillies
Litton BlaggersHenton DLitton Blaggers
Litton APrattens PiratesPrattens Pirates



Round Two

Thanks to my cup draw helper Sony, here is the draw for round two.

Team A (Home)Team B (Away)Winners
Litton ExilesFromeLitton Exiles
West HillBilliesThe LambrettasWest HillBillies
Litton BlaggersPrattens AmigosPrattens Amigos
Prattens PiratesRing O BellsRing O Bells

Click here if you want to watch the draw....... DrawLink

Semi - Final

Thanks to my cup draw helper Sony, here is the draw for the semi finals.

Team A (Home)Team B (Away)Winners
Prattens AmigosWest HillbilliesWest HillBillies
Ring O BellsLitton ExilesRing O Bells



Ring O BellsWest HillBillies


Winners: West HillBillies

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