The Junior League has started


Week 1 (9th December)

The Medway Junior Division kicked off last night with four matches. Great games and lots of potential. Great atmosphere with lots of parents supporting. Round 2 next Thursday - 16th December then a few weeks break over Christmas. Thanks to Roger Chipperfield for assisting me.

Eagles 5 v Bat out of Hell 0

Comfortable victory for Eagles with a strong team of Luca Romagnuolo and Joe Weatherhead in great form. Adam and Samuel Markham will have better matches.

Dynamic Duo 5 v Sharks 0

Kent Schools U11 champion Robert Coe and partner Liam Gulliver showed all their skills to beat Lucas  O’Sullivan and Henry Cronin. Henry is the youngest player in the league but showed what a great player he soon will become and start beating his dad!

Nachos 5  v Unstopaballs 0

Nachos one of the favourites to win the league easily defeated Unstoppaballs who could only muster 30 points in the evening. This is not surprising with the gulf in age and experience of Danny Gubala and Max Antrim. Owen Pearce and William Scott will have easier players to face but they smiled and lit up the room with their exuberance.

Da Bruvs 2 v Balls of Fury 3

In the closest contest of the evening Balls of Fury (Harrison Pearce and Joe Spratling) just overcame Da Bruvs (Jack Wren and Elijah Newman). Joe was the star winning both his singles with Harrison and Elijah winning one each. Jack and Elijah combined effectively to win a competitive doubles.

Trevor Towers

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