Week 21 Results

Mansfield & District Table Tennis League

2015/16 Winter Season

Week Commencing 7th March 2016

MATCH WEEK 21 Results

Division 1


  1. Riots beat Jacksdale C – 10-0– P.O.M – Simon Chatterton

  2. Zygabyte A beat Jacksdale A – 10-0 – MATCH CONCEDED

  3. Zygabyte B beat Rhinos  – 6-4 – P.O.M –  Amber Zygadlo

  4. Jacksdale B beat  Boothys – 10-0 – P.O.M –  Pete Hodgson


    Jacksdale A Conceded this weeks match, and in turn handed Zygabyte A the Division 1 title.


    Riots kept alive the chance of Runners Up with a dominating 10-0 victory over Jacksdale C.

    This puts Riots over 4 points clear of Jacksdale B, but they play Tuesday their game in hand, so it's stll in Jacksdale's Hands.

    Simon Chatterton (POM) , Kerry Harvey & Andy Thorley all produced great performances to beat Jacksdale C who have been in good form this year.

    Closest game of the night was Andy Thorley who just got over the line vs Glen Holmes beating him 11-9 in the 5th set decider.


Pete Hodgson played only his 3rd game of the season and maintained his 100% record and won his 3rd POM, in a 10-0 victory over Boothys.

This win puts them back into 2nd place and 6 points above 3rd placed Riots with both teams having 2 games left.

Pete was backed up by Russ Webster & Kalpesh Bhatt in their victory, the first 8 games were straight 3-0 wins over the bottom club. In the 9th game however between Bob Angus ( Boothys ) and Russ Webster, with Russ coming through 3-2 and also the doubles was a close affair with Jacksdale B also just winning 3-2.

Zygabyte B beat Rhinos 6-4 even with just 2 players so started out 3-0 down. But Amber Zygadlo won all her games and Kev Cope 2 and also the Doubles.

The only victory for Rhinos was Steve Scott who beat Kev Cope in a tight 5th set decider just winning it 12-10. Rich Robinson also put up some resistance taking sets of both the Zygabyte players.

Amber Zygadlo was POM


                                                P             Pts

1. Zygabyte A                     13           111

2. Jacksdale B                    12           86

3. Riots                                                 12           80

Division 2

  1. Snipers beat Ravens – 10-0 – P.O.M – Jim Westwood

  2. Angels beat Spin Doctors – 10-0 – P.O.M – Haydn Scothern

  3. Hucknall 50+ beat River Maun – 7-3 – P.O.M – Andy King

  4. Jacksdale D beat  Rebels – 6-4 –P.O.M – John Smith


    A great performance by the Snipers to beat Boothys Ravens 10-0 and put them in prime position for the Division 2 title with just 1 game to play.

    Snipers are 9 points above the Angels and 15 points above Hucknall 50+ ( but Hucknall have a game in hand ).

    Snipers need 6 points next week to win the title, may be even less depending on Thursday's game of Hucknall vs River Maun.

    Jim Westwood was in great form and although his team mates Tony Swain & Ben Swain also won all their games and combined in a doubles win, Jim deserved the POM, with straight set wins over Stan Zygadlo and Chris Tilstone, but mainly the match again Phil Parkin which had all the spectators on their feet, both Jim & Phil played some fantastic Table Tennis, none more so than in the 4th set, which Jim won 12-10 to take the match, but fair play to both players great spectacle.

    Closest match of the night and the only 1 that went the distance was between Ben & Stan, Ben took a 2-0 lead then Stan hit back to level the match at 2-2, Ben managed to just compose himself and get over the line with an 11-9 victory in the final set.


    Angels kept on the pressure for promotion, and although being 9 points behind with only 1 game to go the title seems to have slipped them, they can still get 2nd Place and Promotion.

    Angels are 6 points above Hucknall, and Hucknall have a tricky tie on Thursday vs River Maun which is their game in hand, and it could come down to their last matches on who comes 2nd.

    Angels dominated the night winning 10-0 and 9 of the games were comfortable 3-0 victories, the only match on the night which could have gone Spin Doctors way, was Glyn Payne vs Adrian Smith, they shared the first 4 sets to go into a 5th set decider, however Adrian made sure and won the decider 11-2.

    Haydn Scothern playing only his 3rd match of the campaign won his 3rd POM award, and dropped only 34 points in 9 sets.


    Hucknall 50+ kept alive their chance at the title or at least promotion with a 7-3 victory over River Maun.

    Hucknall are 8 points behind the leaders and will hope River Maun can beat the Snipers convincingly to stand a chance of the title, but they are now 1 point ahead of Angels in 3rd, they both have just 1 game left so who will come second and the second promotion spot is wide open.

    Andy King won his 6th POM and maintains a 96.97% win ratio, Roy Drew won 2 and John Banner 1 as well as a doubles win for Hucknall. Mark Sansom won 2 for River Maun and Michael Matushenko 1.

    It was however a close affair with 5 of the 10 games going to a 5th and final set, with 3 of these being won by Hucknall. so the result could have easily swung the other way.


Jacksdale D beat Ravenshead Rebels 6-4 to move to 5th and leave the Rebels at the bottom.

John Smith won his first POM award this season being the only unbeaten player on the night, Hari Rampall won 2 and Angela Brettell 1 for Jacksdale, all 3 Rebels players all won 1 with a doubles victory also.

Match of the night was Hari vs Val Tully with Val just winning the 5th set decider 14-12, Hari then got over the disappointment of this loss with a 5th set decider victory over MIke Cohen winning 11-9.


                                                P             Pts

1. Snipers                            13           96

2. Hucknall 50+                  13           88

3. Angels                             13           87


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