2016 17 Week 4 Results and Reports

Mansfield & District Table Tennis League

2016/17 Winter Season

Week Commencing 17th October 2016

MATCH WEEK 4 Results

2016-17 Divisional Cup Results & Tables.pdf

Division Cup Division 1 Group A

1.       Snipers A vs Zygabyte A – Match Postponed

2.       Jacksdale A beat Jacksdale B – 6-3 - P.O.M – Kalpesh Bhatt


                                                P             Pts

1. Jacksdale A                    1              6

2. Jacksdale B                     1              3

3. Snipers A                        0              0

4. Zygabyte A                     0              0

Division Cup Division 1 Group B

1.       Royals beat Terminetters – 9-0 - P.O.M – Adam Feargrieve

2.       Zygabyte B vs Rangers – 0-0 - P.O.M –


                                                P             Pts

1. Royals                              1              9

2. Terminetters                 1              0

3. Rangers                           0              0

4. Zygabyte B                     0              0

Division Cup Division 2 Group A

1.       Marksmen A beat Spin Doctors – 9-0 - P.O.M – Mick Matushenko

2.       Snipers B beat Hucknall 50+ – 5-4 - P.O.M – James Weston


                                                P             Pts

1. Marksmen A                 1              9

2. Snipers B                         1              5

3. Hucknall 50+                  1              4

4. Spin Doctors                  1              0

Division Cup Division 2 Group B

1.       Rhinos beat Jacksdale C – 9-0 - P.O.M – Steve Scott

2.       Ravensdale beat Rebels – 6-3 - P.O.M – Stuart Chadwick


                                                P             Pts

1. Rhinos                              1              9

2. Ravensdale                    1              6

3. Rebels                              1              3

4. Jacksdale C                     1              0


In the revised format this year instead of everyone in the league playing everyone and becoming a stretch on the fixture list, it has been broke down in to 2 groups of 4 for each division, top of each group will meet in the Divisional Cup Finals.

Division 1 Group A

Zygabyte A Postponed their fixture with the Snipers due to an injury to their Captain Joe Zygadlo who could be out of the game for around 5-6 months.

Jacksdale A meanwhile beat Club mates Jacksdale B, Jacksdale also had youngster Hari Rampall playing up from Jacksdale C and he managed to get a win over Terry Tinsley 3-2 and only narrowly lost to Glen Holmes 3-2 so a very good play up for Hari. And it was the win over terry that brought the score to 5-2 and guarantee the win.

Division 1 Group B

Royals played a strong team against the Terminetters with some good wins, only resistance came from Glen Cutmore who took Gareth Godber to 10-10 in 2 of the games, Lisa Lewis who took a game of Mick Pestka and Glen & Adrian who took a game off Mick & Gareth in the Doubles. Royals look ominous this season and Adam Feargrieve playing his first match of the season and claiming the POM


Division 2 Group A

Marksmen A played arguably their strongest side and Spin Doctors didn’t have their star player Jack Kirkland and this told as Marksmen A won 9-0, however 3 games went to the 5th with Phil Parkin involved in all of them, he beat Andy Hughes & Glyn Payne 11-7 & 11-8 respectively in the decider and the first game of the night Phil & Mick Matushenko beat Glyn & Andy 3-2. Mick Matushenko had the easiest night of all with two 3-0 wins and claimed the POM

The Other match was a close affair between Snipers B and Hucknall 50+, newcomer to the league James Weston Debut was a POM performance and helped drag the Snipers over the line. James and Rob Vaughan won their 2 singles and combined in the Doubles to get the 5 points they needed.

Division 2 Group B

Ravensdale defeated Ravenshead Rebels 6-3 in an epic battle at the Leisure Centre. In a contest that finished after 11.00pm 7 of the 9 matches went to 5 games. Player of the Match Stuart Chadwick won all 4 of the matches he was involved in with, all 3 of the Rebels team winning 1 of their 2 singles matches. But the real winner was table tennis with many thrilling contests going down to the wire.

Rhinos however move to the top with a 9-0 victory over Jacksdale C. All the singles were 3-0 victories apart from the last one when Rich Robinson just beat Jonathan Heath 3-2 coming from 2-1 behind. Steve Scott was POM.

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