Shippam Shield QTR Finals 2016


This week was Shippam Cup Quarter-Finals week and there were some great games as well, none closer than the 2 games in the top half of the draw as Division 1 team Ravenshead Riots beat River Maun by a meagre 4 points winning the match 385-381, However even closer than that Zygabyte A beat Boothys by just 2 points 375-373.

The format of the Shippam cup is 18 games to 21 and every point counts and at the end a Handicap is applied to find the winner.

In the match between Ravenshead Riots and River Main, the Riots won 385-179 and with the handicap of 202 applied meant Riots only just won and progress into the Semi-Final where they will meet the same opponents as last year at this stage Zygabyte A.

Zygabyte A the current holders and 3 times winner beat Boothy’s by the smallest of margins just 2 points, Zygabyte won 375-165 but when the 208 point handicap was applied, Zygabyte A scraped through 375-373.

Hucknall 50+ beat Sniper of St Josephs in another tight battle, Snipers had an 18 point handicap but Hucknall and especially captain Dick Johnson played some fantastic table tennis and on this occasion the Snipers had no answer, Hucknall won by 33 points less the Handicap winning by 18 points 363-348.

Hucknall 50+ will meet the Spin Doctors in an all second division Semi-Final as Spin Doctors lost 347-304 on actual points to Ravenshead Angels, but with an Handicap applied of a difference 82 gave them a 394-355 victory winning by 39 points. Spin Doctors who are bottom of Division 2 will be very happy with this Quarter-Final win over the Angels who are top of Division 2.

Semi-Final line up

Zygabyte A vs Ravenshead Riots

Hucknall 50+ vs Spin Doctors

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