Shippam Shield Semi-Finals


Both semi-finals were played tonight at Ravenshead Leisure Centre and Zygabyte A & New Cross Sniper both we victorious and will meet in the Final.

In the clash of the Division 1 Sides Zygabyte A gave Ravenshead Riots 100 handicap where there is 9 matches of 2 games to 21 and every point counts. Zygabyte A won every Match apart from John Watson beating Bob Hume 42-26 on aggregate but with a final score of 366-233 adding the 100 handicap final score 366-333 - Zygabyte A winning by 33 points

In the Clash of the Division 2 Sides NewCross Snipers gave Ravenshead Rebels 24 start and in a close encounter where 5 agg games were won by the Snipers and 4 agg games were won by the Rebels the Final score was 337-298 to the Snipers, then with the handicap applied 337-322, Just 15 Pts in it and a very close match on the night.

Zygabyte A will meet the NewCross Sniper week commencing 13th April to play out the Final.

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