Match Reports Week 4 2015

Mansfield & District Table Tennis League

2015/16 Winter Season

Week Commencing 19h October 2015

MATCH WEEK 4 Results


Division 1

1.       Zygabyte A beat Rhinos – 10-0 – POM – Joe Zygadlo

2.       Riots beat Jacksdale B – 8-2 – POM - Kerry Harvey

3.       Jacksdale C beat Jacksdale A – 6-4 – POM – David Greaves

4.       Zygabyte B beat Boothys – 10-0 – POM – Kevin Cope


                                              P             Pts

1. Zygabyte A                     3              24          

2. Riots                                 3              17

3. Jacksdale B                     3              15


Joe Zygadlo led his team 7 points clear to the top of the table with a POM performance in Zygabyte A's 10-0 defeat of Ravenshead Rhinos.

A tough night for the Rhinos losing all but 1 game 3-0, Graham Smith managed to win an end off Dean Brookes to lose 3-1.

A few close ends however with Richard Robinson losing 16-18 to Joe Zygadlo in his first end, and 12-14 to Dean Brookes also in the first end, Russ Harrison took Bob Hume to 14-16 in the 3rd.

This was always going to be a tough match with the favourite’s vs the newly promoted Division 2 team

Kerry Harvey starred again as Ravenshead Riots beat 2 Man Jacksdale B 8-2. Kalpesh Bhatt for Jacksdale B won 2 of his 3 singles with the rest going the Riots way.

Simon Chatterton and Paul Linfield had a 5 game match with Simon just winning 12-10 in the 5th, and a 5 game match was also had in the doubles but Kerry & Simon defeating Paul & Kalpesh 11-3 in the 5th.

Kerry Harvey is looking a strong addition to the Riots team with 8 wins out of 9, and are looking as one of the main competitors to favourites Zygabyte A

Captain David Greaves played his first game to help is teams poor start to the season, and although he won all his singles and helped win the doubles, his starring performance was still not good enough for Jacksdale A to get their 1st win of the Season losing 6-4 to their fellow club team Jacksdale C

Conversely Jacksdale C carry on their unbeaten start to the season and move to 4th with a game in hand over all the teams above them, all the team Glen Holmes, Mick Pinegar & John Fordham all winning 2 games out of 3 for the victory

Division 2

1.       Spin Doctors beat River Maun – 8-2 – P.O.M – Nigel Stent

2.       Snipers beat Rebels – 8-2 -  P.O.M – Jim Westwood

3.       Hucknall 50+ vs Ravens  – 0-0 – P.O.M – PENDING

4.       Jacksdale D beat Angels – 7-3 – P.O.M – Adrian Smith


Adrian Smith maintained his 100% record for the season and won the POM but this was has good as it got for the current Division 2 leaders Ravenshead Angels, who ended up losing 7-3 to Jacksdale D.

All teams in Division 2 after just 3 games have all lost at least 1, showing the division is wide open this year.

Jacksdale D move to 2nd just 2 points behind the Angels who remain top despite this result.

Adrian nearly lost his unbeaten record when he was 2-1 against Billy Melrose but managed to bounce back with 2 close wins 11-9 & 16-14.

All 3 players for Jacksdale D all won 2 matches each Billy, Angela Brettell & Alan Lockyear all beating Maggie Burrows & Anne Lindley from the Angels.

Alan & Billy managed to beat Maggie & Adrian in the Doubles coming from 2-0 down to take the doubles 3-2 and win the match 7-3

Jim Westwood for the Snipers won all his singles and the doubles with Tony Swain and therefore claimed POM against the Rebels who Jim played for last year.

Jim wasn't due to play this match, but due to a last minute injury he got called up, and he certainly made his presence felt.

Jim was dominant winning all his games 3-0; Tony also won all his games and Ben Swain (1).

Mike Cohen & Fionna Ridgewell both beat Ben Swain for their 2 points on the night. 

After losing their 1st 2 games convincingly the Spin Doctors were glad to get their 2 players back from their holiday in Cyprus, Nigel Stent & Ralph Rodda. Nigel was POM winning all his singles against River Maun, Ralph Rodda (2), Glyn Payne (2) and the doubles gave the Spin Doctors a convincing 8-2 victory.

Mark Sansom for River Maun continued his good form winning 2 of his 3, and in the match he lost against Nigel Stent he was 2-1 up and had Nigel worried, but Nigel’s experience got him through. It's the 1st match Mark has lost this season.

James Owen made his Mansfield League Debut for River Maun; although he didn't win he won a leg against Glyn, and also partnered Mark Sansom in the doubles on a narrow 3-2 loss.


                                                P             Pts

1. Angels                              3              20

2. Jacksdale D                    3              18

3. Snipers                            3              15


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