Weeks 8 and 9 report

Paperstation Malvern Table Tennis League Results  Week 8 & 9

Division 1

Manor Park Express 4 Ledbury Lions 6

Ledbury Lions 4 Manor Park Pumas 6

CSSC Ramblers 8 Crackpots E 2

YMCA Daredevils 10 CSSC Ramblers 0

Ledbury Collection 7 Ledbury Rovers 3

Manor Park Travellers 5 Ledbury Collection 5

Crackpots E 4 Manor Park Travellers 6

Ledbury Rovers 7 Manor Park Express 3


Division 2

Crackpots D 5 Devils 5

YMCA Vulcans 3 Poolbrook Dynamos 7

Poolbrook Phoenix 1st 5 YMCA Vulcans 5

Bromyard Kestrels 6 Manor Park Wanderers 4

Poolbrook Dynamos 4 Poolbrook Patriots 6

Manor Park Wanderers 10 Crackpots  D 0

Devils 7 Scuttling Gang 3

Malvern Tornados 4 Poolbrook Phoenix 1st 6

Scuttling Gang 6 Poolbrook Patriots 4


Division 3

Poolbrook Juniors 5 Abbeydowne 5

Crackpots B 2 CSSC Nomads 8

Abbeydowne 5 Crackpots B 5

Poolbrook Rangers 8 Bromyard Eagles 2

Wombats 2 Poolbrook Rangers 8

Poolbrook Panthers 6 Poolbrook Juniors 4

CSSC Nomads 5 Poolbrook Phoenix 2nds 5

Manor Park Crackpots 6 Poolbrook Panthers 4

Poolbrook Phoenix 2nd 0 Wombats 10

Bromyard Eagles 7 Manor Park Crackpots 3


Division 1 Report

In Paperstation Malvern League Division 1 YMCA Daredevils maintained their 100% record with a 10-0 demolition of CSSC Ramblers  thanks again to maximums from Svilen Andreev,Wayne Chopping  and Craig Preece. This was Ramblers first defeat of the season but they recovered with an 8-2 victory against Crackpots E with maximums from Graham Thompson and Chris Hewitt who also won the doubles supported by Mark Clinton with 1 singles win ,Matt Hodges and Colin Dolding replied for Crackpots. Ledbury Collection defeated fellow Ledbury side Rovers 7-3 with  Nigel Foreshew taking 2, Patryk Kovacs 3 and Ann Barnes 1, Rovers replied with 2 for Ady Marshall and 1 for James Dance. Collection without Nigel were then held 5-5 by Manor Park Travellers with Patryk again taking a maximum supported by Ann with 2, Geoff Burford 2 ,victory in the doubles and single wins for Toby Wren and Martin Snee earned the draw for Travellers. They went on to beat Crackpots E 6-4 with Geoff and Toby both taking 2 and Martin 1 with the doubles proving crucial, Matt Hodges was in superb form for Crackpots winning his 3 supported by Colin Dolding with 1.Manor Park Pumas enjoyed an excellent 6-4 win against Ledbury Lions despite another maximum from Yeh Tsz Yan(Nancy) with  Dave Hallam and  Geoff Woodward winning 2 each and Jon Dyke 1 together with victory in the doubles for Pumas, Mike Morgan secured Lions other victory. Lions recovered  with a 6-4 win against struggling Manor Park Express with another maximum for Nancy supported by Steve Meredith with 2,Trevor Symonds 2 supported by Pete Griffiths and  Dave Woodyatt with 1 each replied for Express. Ledbury Rovers also inflicted defeat on Express by 7-3 thanks to 3 from Ady Marshall supported by Bryan Farr with 2  and James Dance 1,  Dave with 1 and  Pete 2 replied for Express.


Division 2 Report

An undermanned Crackpots D held Devils to a 5-5 draw thanks to a maximums from Simon Morgan and 1 for James Palmer, with both players also combining to take the doubles. Paul Lythgoe and Dave Knowles earned the draw for Devils. Crackpots D were then hammered 10-0 by Manor Park Wanderers with Barry Barwick, Phil Smethurst and Stan Mason unbeaten for Wanderers. YMCA Vulcans drew 5-5 with Poolbrook Phoenix 1sts thanks to a maximum from  Richard Bennett supported by Eliot Brandwood and Simon Harrison with 1 each. Phoenix earned the draw thanks to 2 wins each for Steve Mulka and Matt White together with victory in the doubles. Richard secured another maximum against Poolbrook Dynamos but was unable to prevent a 7-3 defeat with John Phillips, Keith Bredin and Tom James winning 2 each for Dynamos. In this topsy turvy league Dynamos were then themselves beaten 6-4 by fellow Poolbrook side Patriots for whom Steve Glazzard and Graham Collier secured maximums, Tom,John and Keith earned single wins for Dynamos in reply. Tornados were defeated  6-4 by Phoenix  with Steve and James Mulka both winning 2 supported by Matt White with 1,Ethan Webb and Dominic Weston both won 2 for Tornados.  Devils defeated Scuttling Gang 7-3 thanks to maximums from both Phil Steers and Dave Knowles who also secured the doubles with Liz Hallam, Bill Smith, Ray Davies and Ken Hipwell replied with single wins for Scuttling Gang. Scuttling Gang  then defeated Tornados 7-3 thanks to a superb maximum from Richard McKenna supported by Ken Hipwell with 2 and Ray Davies 1,Dominic Weston was again in fine form claiming 2 wins for Tornados.   Manor Park Wanderers were beaten 6-4 by  Bromyard Kestrels for whom Brian Kitchener  secured a maximum supported by Ed Tinton with 2,Charlie Burford with 2 and Barry Barwick and Phil Smethurst  with 1 each replied for Wanderers.  


 Division 3

Pacemakers Poolbrook Rangers proved too strong for Wombats winning 8-2 with Charlie Burford again taking 3 supported by Nick Haggar and Dave Bradley with 2 each,Pete Harding replied with 2 for Wombats. Rangers followed this up with an 8-2 win against their closest challengers Bromyard Eagles with Charlie again undefeated along with Nick and Dave Brown this time contributing 2,Rob Wilcox with 1 and a doubles win with Clifford Knock in reply. Eagles recovered some ground with a 7-3 win against Manor Park Crackpots with Clifford winning his 3 supported by Martin Gwilt with 2 and Tony Barbe 1, Stephen Lindner with 2 and Tim Dolding 1 replied for Crackpots. An undermanned Abbeydowne shared a 5-5 draw with Crackpots B thanks to 3 wins from Niels Eriksson and 2 from Chris Burrows, Stan Gynn with 1 and victory in the doubles with Alan Forsdike. Dave Hayes secured another maximum for Nomads in their 8-2 win against Crackpots D with guest player Karl Richards als playing superbly to record a maximum,Dave Clarke contributed the other win for Nomads,Stan and Alan  replied with single wins for Crackpots. Wombats defeated Poolbrook Pheonix 2nd 10-0 with  Pete Harding, Paul Lythgoe and Ralph Cook undefeated. A maximum from Stephen Lindner supported by Ed Palmer with 2 earned Manor Park Crackpots a narrow 6-4 win against Poolbrook Panthers for whom  Collette James won 2 and Dina Murdle and Jude Tyson 1 each.Panthers then won narrowly 6-4 against Juniors with Collette,Jude and Ian Sage winning 2 each with Karl Richards 2 and Zoe Snee 1 replying for Juniors.  Nomads without Dave Hayes were held 5-5 by Poolbrook Phoenix 2nd ,Dave Clarke and Adrian Fray with 2 each and the doubles scoring for Nomads with Will Jones and Michael Lewent 2 and Malcolm Dalley 1 replying for Pheonix. Juniors were held 5-5 by Abbeydowne with Alan Goodman and  Zoe Snee winning 2 each and the doubles  with Chris Burrows and Graham Browning with 2 each and John Miller 1 earning the draw for Abbeydowne.

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