Malvern Tournament Entry Forms

MTTL Tournament 2015.pdf

The entry form for the Malvern Championships 2015 is available via the link above.  Please print it out, fill it in and send it with your payment to Bill Nelson at the address on the form.  Closing date is Friday 23 January 2015.

Tournament Secretary Bill Nelson would like to add the following comments -

As the last tournament again made a profit, the Commttee has decided to freeze entry prices at the 2014 level.

For several years now, your committee has been concerned about the late finish of the tournament.  The problem has been discussed at length on numerous occasions, but no successful actions taken.  For this tournament several changes have been made, that should shorten the day considerably.

The main change is to the Main Singles competition.  The groups have always taken up a disproportionate amount of time at the beginning of the day, especially when groups of 4 were involved.  The groups have, therefore, been replaced by a knockout in 3 stages.  The first stage will involve those players not among the top ranked 32.  This will almost certainly involve players from divisions 2 and 3.  The winners from this stage will meet the players ranked between 17 and 32 in stage 2, and the winning players from this stage will play players from the top 16 in the rankings.  This will then progress as a normal knockout to the final.

Other changes include, the inter-divisional doubles will now be best of 3 games and the restriction on entry to the division 1 singles has been lifted.  All division 1 players will be eligible to enter this event which will be unseeded as in previous years.

In order to keep the tournament moving and hopefully avoid a late finish, it is essential players do not leave the venue and are available for their matches when called.  Players not available when required to play will, reluctantly, be scratched.

It would help me if team secretaries were prompt in returning their completed entry forms.  This will avoid me having to phone or e-mail team secretaries at the last moment.  The draw will be made early in the week after the closing date (23rd January 2015), after which entries cannot be accepted.

Team secretaries having problems accessing or printing the entry forms should contact me by e-mail or phone and I will send a copy by mail.


Bill Nelson

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