Rules of the

Lytham St. Anne's and District Table Tennis League


1        General

1.1     The name of the league shall be the Lytham St. Anne's and District Table Tennis League.


1.2     The League shall be affiliated to the Lancashire Table Tennis Association (LTTA) and to Table Tennis England (TTE).


1.3      The object of the League is to promote competitive Table Tennis in Lytham St. Anne's and the surrounding district.


1.4     The control of the League in accordance with these rules shall be vested in the Executive Committee as defined in 2.2.


1.5     Amendments to these rules shall only be considered at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) called under section 2.7.


2        Officers, Executive, and Meetings

2.1     The Officers of the League shall be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Manager Administrator, and TTE/LTTA Representative(s).


2.2     The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers of the League and Committee Members appointed at the AGM, normally to include one member from each club.


2.3      The AGM shall be held before the end of June, at which all Officers will be eligible for re-election.


2.4     Proposals for changes to these rules, duly proposed and seconded, shall be received by the General Secretary at least 10 days before the date of the AGM or EGM.


2.5     Nominations for the President and Officers of the League for the following season, duly proposed and seconded, should be made in writing to the General Secretary at least 10 days before the AGM.


2.6     At least 10 days’ notice of the AGM shall be given by e-mail or in writing.


2.7     An EGM may be called at any time by the Executive Committee or any 10 full playing members of the League. At least 21 days notice of the meeting shall be given by e-mail or in writing, and must detail the matter(s) to be discussed.


2.8     Only those persons who attend an AGM or EGM shall have one vote each on all matters. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman may exercise a casting vote.


2.9     The Executive Committee shall have the power to fine any club not represented at the AGM or an EGM the sum of £5


3        Player Registration

3.1     The Executive Committee has the right to refuse a proposal for Registration.


3.2     No player shall register for more than one Club.


3.3     The registration fee for each team and player competing in the League shall be determined by the Executive Committee and is payable before the commencement of the season.


3.4     Junior players are those under18 years of age on 31st December during the current Membership Year.


3.5     Each club shall submit a list of players, in descending order of playing strength, before 1st August.  Clubs with more than one team should seed their players in descending order of recognised playing strength, and then divide the list into 3 descending groups. Each group must contain at least the same number of players as teams entered.


3.6     Each team entered will then be comprised of 1 player from each group.


3.7     When a team needs to call on a reserve player that player can be from the same, or lower, group as the missing player.


3.8     A club signing a new player shall immediately submit a new list of players, in descending order of player strength


3.9     All players must be registered by 6.00 pm on the day of the match. All registrations of players shall only be made by the Club Secretaries by advising the Membership Manager and making the appropriate payment to the Treasurer.


3.10    Applications for alterations to the list of players, together with reasons for the request, shall be made to the Executive Committee for consideration.


3.11    No transfer of a player will be permitted from one club to another without the sanction of the Executive Committee.


3.12    Each club shall deposit a sum of £5.00 as a guarantee against non-fulfilment of obligations by the club entered. Such guarantee deposit shall be forfeited if any team shall not complete its fixtures in the League having been entered. The Executive Committee may deduct any fines levied against the guarantee. This deposit is returnable to any club leaving the League at the end of the season.

 4.              Match procedure

 Definitions:       Match        Team A v Team B

                             Game        Player A v Player B

                             End            Upto 11 points


4.1     All matches to be played under the laws adopted by TTE. The balls and bat coverings used must be on the ETTA/TTE approved lists.


4.2     Teams shall normally consist of three players, but no more than four players and no less than two.  The fourth player may play in the doubles only. Players for singles shall play each member of the other team in one set of the best of five games. In addition, any two players from each side shall play a doubles match against two of the other team on the same basis.


4.3     Should a team arrive with only one player the match shall be automatically postponed and the offending club fined £12 if the Executive Committee agrees.


4.4     Order of play - The following order of play shall be adhered to unless agreed by both captains: 1v2, 3v1, 2v3, 3v2, 1v3, doubles, 2v1, 3v3, 2v2 and 1v1. Home team players first in each case.


4.5     It is suggested that one member from each team shall alternately umpire the games.


4.6     One point shall be awarded for each end won, thus a maximum of 50 points are played for in each match. The League will be won by the team winning the highest number of points during the season.


4.7     All matches shall commence not later than the time stated in the fixtures or 7.30 pm. if there is no time stated.  By this time the home team must have at least two players present and the away team one player. Both teams must be complete by half an hour after the time stated, or 8.00 pm if none is stated. Any player arriving after that time will not be allowed to play in the match, unless agreed by both captains.


4.8     The home team captain will enter the players’ names on the scorecard first, followed by the away captain. Both captains shall sign the scorecard at the conclusion of the match.


4.9     After every match the home team captain shall send the results of the match to the Fixture Secretary within 7 days. This may be by hand, post, or by emailing a scanned image.


4.10    All matches should be played on the dates stated in the fixture list. A fixture may be played in advance or on any date up to the end of the week following the due date of the match and the Fixture Secretary need not be informed as long as the fixture card arrives by the time it was originally due.


4.11    If a fixture is postponed, the team requesting the postponement must agree with their opposing team a new date for the match. The Fixture Secretary should then be informed of the new date. If subsequently the match is again postponed, the same procedure must be followed. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the team requesting the final postponement conceding the match 30-0.


4.12    All claims for League points by default must be made by email or in writing to the General Secretary and the Fixture Secretary and be received by them not later than seven days following the date on which the match should have been played.


4.13    Where walkovers have been credited to any of the teams involved in the top positions in the league and 30 points or less separate these positions, the Executive Committee shall review the situation of matches won, lost and drawn with or without walkovers and, at its discretion, shall decide the final positions, including if necessary a play off between the teams involved.


4.14    No player may play a LSATTL match for more than 1 team each evening.


5        Clubs and Club Secretaries

5.1     Each Club shall appoint a Secretary to whom all correspondence from the League shall be directed. The Secretary of each Club shall be responsible for the running of their respective team(s) and in fulfilling the fixture programme.


5.2     Each team shall fix a night for its home matches, and the Fixtures Secretary shall be advised of this before the 1st August.


5.3     Any Club changing its Secretary, a team Captain, or their contact details shall notify the General Secretary and all Club Secretaries by email or in writing, as soon as possible.


6        Venues and Equipment

6.1     No specified standards are required by the League, but all clubs should endeavour to maintain the best possible venues, equipment, and especially lighting.


7      Team Handicap Competition

7.1    There shall be designated weeks, shown in the fixtures list, for all the rounds of the team handicap competition. The final of the team handicap competition shall be played at a venue and on a date decided by the Executive Committee.


7.2     Teams entered by clubs for league matches will automatically be those entered for the handicap competition unless the club enters different teams.  Clubs may enter teams comprised of any 3 players from any seeded group.  To be eligible to play in the team handicap competition players must have played in at least 3 league matches.


7.3     Matches MUST be played between two teams of 3 players.  Should a team arrive with fewer players then the match shall be cancelled and the offending team expelled from the competition.  Their club will also be fined £12 if the Executive Committee agrees.  If they have previously beaten a team in the competition the most recently defeated team shall be re-instated and play in their place.


7.4     The handicaps of individual players shall be determined by the Executive Committee before each round of the competition, and a list of all handicaps issued to team captains.


7.5     The handicap for each match is calculated as follows:-     

·               Add up the total handicap for each player playing for each team

·               Take the lower figure from the higher, and multiply by 3

·               The resultant figure is the total handicap received by the team with the higher handicap.


7.6     The Executive Committee shall draw lots to determine the matches to be played in each round of the Competition.


7.7     The captain of the home team shall contact the away team captain to arrange the team handicap competition fixture. If there is any difficulty in arranging this fixture during the designated week, the fixture shall be arranged for either the week preceding or the week following the designated week. If need be a league fixture may be postponed to accommodate the team handicap competition match. The relevant home team captain shall then follow the procedure in 4.11.


7.8     The result of a team handicap competition match shall be sent to the Fixture Secretary as per 4.9.


7.9    When a handicap match ends in a draw, and if possible, the final three games of the match will be replayed on the night using one-third of the original handicap.  When there this is not possible the match shall be replayed in its entirety on a date agreed between the two captains.  The handicap remains unchanged.


7.10  Players who are registered for a team which is withdrawn without playing a match will be eligible to play for any other team within their club.


7.11    A player who has played for one team in the handicap competition cannot play for any other team in the competition in that season.


7.12    For any player without an individual handicap the General Secretary must be contacted at least one week in advance of that player playing in a team handicap competition match. The Secretary and Executive Committee members will establish a handicap for that player.


7.13    If the General Secretary has not been informed of a replacement player without an individual handicap playing for a team in the team handicap competition, and the Executive Committee consider that the replacement player has a higher playing strength than the player (s)he is replacing, all games played by the replacement player will be lost 0-11.

8             Authority

8.1        The above Rules have been drawn up by the Executive Committee and must be adhered to by all Clubs and players.


8.2     It is hoped that good sportsmanship shall prevail at all times. Should a dispute arise which cannot be settled amicably, application shall be made to the Executive Committee at who’s meeting the relevant parties may attend to present their case in person should they wish. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.


8.3     The Executive Committee reserves the right to levy fines on, or expel, offending clubs or players.

9             Financial

9.1     The funds of the League shall be lodged with a Bank or Building Society, to which access should be allowed by the Treasurer plus 2 other Officers agreed by the Executive Committee.


9.2        Withdrawals can be made by any two of the authorised Officers.


9.3    The Treasurer shall prepare accounts showing the income, expenditure, and balance of funds for each year ended 30th April. These shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting.


10    Dissolution of the League

10.1  In the event of the League being dissolved any remaining funds shall be distributed to the individual clubs pro-rata, according to the number of registered and fully paid players at the date of dissolution.


11    Adoption

These rules were adopted at the Annual General Meeting of the League held on 12 June 2018.

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