Victor Ludorum Cup and Hotard Challenge Shield

Victor Ludorum Cup (Home team on the left)


(Last 16 RESULTS)

L&D Hospital A 6 v Vauxhall Tigras 2
Polish Club 4 v Vauxhall Corsas 5
Tigers A 1 v LTTC St Catherine 6
Vauxhall Cavaliers 6 v Wrest Park 4
Vauxhall Carltons 0 v Christians In Sport 11
Vauxhall Fronteras 4 v LTTC Clarendon 6



L & D Hospital B



Hotard Challenge Shield (home team on the left)

(Last 16 RESULTS)

Vauxhall Rascals v LTTC Kingston W/O

LTTC St Ann W/O v Co-op B

Co-op A W/O  V Tigers

Stanbridge v Wrest Park B W/O

LTTC St Andrew 545 v Wrest Park A 520

Rothamsted A W/O v Polish Club A



Christians In Sport A

LTTC St Mary


Victor Ludorum Cup
(Matches played w/c Monday 6th November 2017)



LTTC St Mary 3 v Vauxhall Corsas 6

Stanbridge v Tigers A w/o

Vauxhall Rascals 4 v L & D Hospital B 6

Vauxhall Cavaliers 6 v Polish Club A 2

LTTC St Ann 0 v L & D Hospital A 6

LTTC Clarendon 6 v Wrest Park B 4

Co-op B 5 v Polish Club 6

Christians In Sport A 3 v Wrest Park 6

LTTC St Catherine 6 v LTTC St Andrew 5

Tigers 2 v Rothamsted 6

LTTC Kingston 4 v Vauxhall Carltons 6

Co-op A 4 v Vauxhall Tigras 6        

Rothamsted A 3 v Vauxhall Fronteras 6

Christians In Sport 6 v Wrest Park A 5



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