Match Report

So, the match to decide the league decides nothing in the end other than it’s as you were.

Smart predictions were that, if the teams turned up, this would be no more than 6-4 either way and so it proved though perhaps not perhaps quite the way expected.

It was nip and tuck all evening, 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 3-3, and then the surprise 3-4, 3-5 and could it be pulled back? Well at 7-10 in the 5th leg of the ninth game it looked all over but somehow it was pulled back to 4-5, and then 5-5.

Alex was impervious throughout the match, winning all three including three legs on deuce.

Samson had an interesting evening beating Pete for the first ever time but prior to that losing to Neil in a hotly contested five legs. He managed to flummox Phil though to take two on the evening.

For Morpeth Rob was the unfortunate player who got an egg, though to be fair his play on the night deserved more, losing in five to Neil and to Phil.

Phil had a tough evening but came from 7-10 down to win his (vital) one against Rob.

Pete had a very tough evening, losing to Alex in three hotly contested legs (10, 8, & 9); winning in three against Rob; but then losing in four to Sammy and still trying to work out how!

Neil had an interesting evening somehow managing to win two games in five legs and then lose to Alex in three; all of which included an interesting injury in his second leg of the evening when he managed to hit himself in the head, almost knocking himself out and leaving a split eyebrow to manage for the rest of the evening.

It then came down to the doubles and perhaps some experience won over youthful skill with Castaways taking it in four to bring up the draw.

So, the next week of matches see Castaways and Treasury on byes while Morpeth take on PRO. Every point dropped now will matter but it’s surely unlikely that PRO will manage to take any off Morpeth?

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