Match Report

A game which was a potential banana skin for Castaways turned into a win but perhaps not in the way anticipated.

Pete H was a late availability for Castaways and his three was probably the difference but his win over Ian was probably the hardest he’s ever seen had to work – pushing and chopping at it’s very best, it definitely was one for the connoisseurs.

The match started off with one of only two five leggers on the night and it was a classic 9itf finish with a serve off. One nil to Comets and Francis with Neil heading for his first one of the season.

Pat then took on Steve F, normally a win for Pat but not so tonight when Steve found great form to take it in four.

This brought Pete to the table to turn the tide and three straight legs win over Steve C started the fight back.

This was followed by a very impressive win for Pat over Ian where his relentless crashing finishing left Ian struggling to retrieve, 2- 2.

Steve (who’d had a very long day at work so not ideal preparation) and Neil came to the table and Neil’s serving bamboozled Steve, Castaways take the lead, 3-2.

Pete then picked up his second win in a four legger against Steve F, not totally straightforward but an emphatic in the end, 4-2.

Pat then brought the draw at the least home with a good four leg win over Steve, 5-2.

This brought us to the classic of the evening, a privilege to watch and Pete commented it was like being out-played by himself and his own style with Ian taking it all the way to 8itf, 6-2 and a win but could so easily have gone the other way.

That was just as well as Steve F then took on Neil and if any game is a gimme then this is probably it, Steve laps up Neil’s game and so it proved though the scores possibly flatters Neil, 6-3.

In a season such as this every point could be vital and the two pairings that came to the table were perhaps a surprise from Comets whereas Castaways followed the usual pattern and played the best two on the evening.

So, it was Pat and Pete against Ian and Steve C. The former found enough form to take it in four so a 7-3 win for Castaways.

Not the 10-0 that was speculated about but still a good result for Castaways going into the last two games of the first half, will Castaways yet again be top at Xmas then fall away in the second half. The first part will probably be decided by the game against Nat West next week.

For the latter you’ll just have to stay tuned.

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