Match Report

Sparta start to pull away from the relegation zone with a hard-fought draw against 3rd-placed Natwest.

Natwest opened their account with Tony Catt registering a comfortable win over Peter Tokely.

However the match was unexpectedly levelled as Dave Evans notched up a deuce in the 5th
win over Chris Herbert.   Chris trailed 2 games to 1, all of which had the minimum two point separation.   But Chris then screamed through the 4th 11-1 to level.   The 5th was a classic nip and tuck until Dave squeezed home 14-12.   

Mike Loveder recorded what he viewed as a routine win over Gareth Jones (3-0) and Sparta
found themselves 2-1 up.   

Tony Catt despatched Dave Evans in similar fashion 3-0 for Peter Tokely to face Gareth Jones.   
Peter led 2 games to 1 but Gareth upped his game to take the next two and put Natwest 3-2 up.   

Chris Herbert stormed into a comfortable 2-0 lead against Mike Loveder but a change of tactics
saw the next  three games evaporate for the match to be level again.   
Dave Evans then beat Gareth Jones very comfortably conceding just 17 points.   

The next clash was effectively for 'Player of the Match'.- Tony Catt cruised through the first against Mike Loveder but then found himself unexpectedly at 2 games each.   
Stamina did not favour Sparta as Tony ran out the winner at 7 in the fifth.   

So once again Natwest take the lead with the match at 5-4.   
Natwest appeared to be favourites on paper for the doubles as Tony and Gareth took
on Mike and Peter.   Fortunately for Sparta Peter mastered running around his partner
and the doubles was won 3-1 by Sparta to secure the draw!


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