Match Report

When you’re searching for points this is probably not the fixture you want to be playing if you are B&tB. 

B&tB faced a very strong Castaways side though it was the only three available. 

Interest for the evening settled around the appearance of Andy Nash in his first competitive match since his serious injury in May 2017. Really good to see him back though tentative was probably the best description but like the player he is he battled through and found his form when needed. A good maximum on his return. 

Pete Harris also appeared, having now retired, which meant a two-hour forty-five-minute drive from home (hopefully quicker on the way home with clearer roads) but hopefully it was worth it as he also got his maximum. 

For B&tB it was apparent to your reporter that they are still to find their Division One feet after being in Division Two last season, but they will improve over as they play more games, the question will be will it be in time to pick up enough games to stave off immediate relegation back down? Only time will tell but they couldn’t have had a much harder start, so it will be interesting to see how they fare against the other teams down the bottom idc. 

Ten nil was what Castaways needed and ten nil they duly got.  

Many thanks to B&tB for their hospitality and particular mention to Flavinda for her efforts picking the ball up for Andy in his first game. 


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