Match Report

A classic of a Treasury v Castaways match with a twist. For the second week running Castaways faced a LB&CSTTL debutant who won his three singles and helped his team, to a doubles win. Step forward Tony Egan.

The match started with a three-straight win for Terry over Dennis and was followed by a very good win for Phil over Winston. 0-2.

This brought Tony to the table and very impressive he was, a combination bat twiddling attacking player. Neil put up a valiant fight but eventually went down three-straight. 1-2.

Terry against Winston next and this can always go either way and it looked as though Terry would take it winning the first to 3 and then getting to 10-8 up in the second but missed a kill to take it to 2-0. This seemed to inspire Winston who never looked back to win in four. 2-2 and all to play for.

Neil and Dennis took to the table and although Dennis managed a leg Neil managed to take it in four. 2-3.

Tony and Tony then played an excellent five setter which ebbed and flowed both ways before Tony ran out a winner 4ITF. 3-3.

This brought perhaps the oldest of foes to the table. Last season Winston had beaten Neil twice although admittedly DITF in the second game. In somewhat of a surprise Neil managed to win three-straight with just one crucial deuce in the second. Quite a few years since Neil has won this battle and it took the score to 3-4.

Tony was then back to the table to play Terry and in another titanic five legger struggle again won out 6ITF. 4-4 somewhat almost inevitable really.

Dennis then took on Phil and despite reaching deuce in the first leg he lost out on three taking Castaways into the lead for the fourth time, 4-5.

Talking about inevitability we came to the doubles and it was almost written what would happen. Tony and Winston took on Neil and Phil and despite a deuce in the first the attacking Treasury combination was just too strong so an honourable draw.

 Many thanks to Treasury for agreeing to reverse this fixture due to venue availability problems at the Abbey though apparently it did them a favour player’wise. A very good match played in good spirit and two welcome new additions to the league in Dennis and Tony.

The only downside was that due to the late finish (what were you doing for so long in the showers lads?) which meant only Winston and Neil made it to the pub for a couple of well earned and enjoyed pints! 


Written by:Gerry Martin
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