Match Report


Heck of a match, a worthy title decider perhaps!

Pete was making his comeback having “not opened his kit bag since last season“ - didn’t show as he won two and lost the third on a very tight DITF!

Great to see Phil back for a second game and he managed to win one whilst losing a second in four but getting 10, 9, and 9; and got a leg from the Morpeth number 1.
The old man managed to win two and started with a shock first leg against Alex – didn’t last long though.

The new lad for Morpeth, Alex, managed an impressive treble and only really looked in any serious trouble against Pete.

Rob had another eventful evening, first cutting his forearm on the table against Pete, then sending the barriers scattering against myself. He managed to recover to sneak the victory against Pete.

Terese was Terese, what a lovely person and Terese managed a leg against Phil but that was as good as it got.

The doubles was epic and having had match points in the fourth Castaways rallied form 10-6 down itf but then lost 9itf!

Cracking night as always and a shame Alex missed out on an excellent post-match social in the Florist!


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