Match Report

Looking at the teams, on the face of it you might think a comfortable Comets win.

First up Steve Fagan faced Paul Baylis and although he won the first 11-4 Paul rattled off the next 3, giving first blood to Employment. New addition to Employment Sam Burrows was next up and he took a game off Steve Codrington in the 3rd before finally losing to him. Anita Jermyn then put Employment 2-1 up by beating Ian Francis in 4.

Steve Fagan and Ian both won their next games comfortably against Sam and Paul respectively.
Then Anita took Steve Codrington the distance losing in 5 sets, Steve was surprised at Anita’s quick fire hits and had to change his game to win this one.

Ian beat Sam 3-0, and then a great performance from Anita, to beat Steve F in 4, this was a fast paced game, with both players taking the ball very early. If they were super heroes, Steve Fagan would have been Flash and Anita would have been Wonder Woman!

The last game of the night saw the meeting of the two oldest players Paul and Steve C, although Paul took the first set, Steve’s big forehand saw him win this one.

Comets rounded the evening off with Ian and Steve F beating Paul and Anita in the doubles giving them a good 7-3 win, although, you could argue, they didn’t have it all their own way.


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