Match Report

So we came to the main event, the last match of the season and the one to settle the destination of the division one title for the season, as predicted it would be when the fixtures were announced.  

Credex were arguably at their strongest with Ade, Perry, and Laikram.

Castaways meanwhile suffered a late pull out by their second ranked player as Andy's calf injury from last week’s match had not improved and there was a real fear he would break down if he played and have to concede his games. This left Peter, Keld, and Neil to make up the Castaways team.

The first game brought Ade to the table with Pete and although the latter put up a valiant fight the result was pretty inevitable, 1-0 to Credex.

The pressure was then immediately on Castaways as they had to win five out of the six singles not involving Ade assuming his influence on the doubles would also mean a win for Credex.

Keld took on Perry and despite some fairly close legs Perry ran out a fairly comfortable winner so pressure ramped up even more making the next game a must win.

Laikram came to the table against Neil knowing he had won most, if not all, of the recent encounters. After losing the first Neil managed to take the second leg but that was as good as it got, Castaways 3-0 down and, more crucially, two of those were games they had need to win.

Keld then came to the table against Ade and after losing the first two legs sheer guts and determination had it’s reward when he won the third. He then had a real chance in the fourth but lost it to 9. 4-0 to Credex and looking like no way back.

Cometh the hour .... Pete is top of the qualified averages for a reason and in a game that ebbed and flowed he managed to edge out Laikram 9itf. Castaways on the board at last. 4-1.

That brought Perry and Neil to the table in a game where Neil has had the upper hand over the years but Perry was in no mood to let his side down and produced a great performance to take the game three legs straight. 5-1 meaning one more to Credex and they had the title.

Keld came to the table against Laikram and took him all the way to the fifth but finally to no avail as Laikram took it to 5.

Title to Credex.

Ade stepped up to complete his singles games for the season and his 100% and despite Neil putting up a spirited fight he was no real match for Ade. 7-1.

Pete then played Perry and as was probably expected won three straight to complete his singles season, 45 from 49, no mean feat with the standard of player in this division. 7-2.

The doubles was a dead game but Castaways still wanted to go out with a win however Ade’s ability to dominate carried Credex through to win three straight making the match score 8-2 with Credex retaining the title.

So for the second season running Castaways were top at the half way stage before falling to the power of Credex once Ade plays regularly.

Still at least this season went to the final match, who knows what next season will bring?


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