Match Report

Here we went again, another 10-0 needed but things went awry even before we got to the match when Keld revealed he was in Ireland and Andy turned up without his bat. The former meant Pete doubling up in both this and the Central match on the next table and the latter was solved by my lending Andy my brand new rubbered spare bat that I had been saving for next season since it was done about a month or so ago. 

Things then got off to a shaky start with Pat playing Richard, the sort of player he really doesn’t enjoy and with the floor problems Pat was having it seemed it was a disaster waiting to happen as he lost the first two legs to 8. He staged a good recovery to take the ne3xt two but then the fifth turned into nip and tuck and unfortunately Richard retrieving pokey style won out deuce in the fifth. 

Having had a warning Pat won his other two three straight; Andy won two three straight and reacted to losing the first leg to Chris by beating him game 1 in the next two legs before taking the fourth as well. 

Pete meanwhile wasted no time at all winning all three, three straight. 

Pat had some bad news from home (thankfully turned out to be a false alarm) and raced off home leaving Pete to also play the doubles with Andy which they won on four after Andy talked Pete into playing properly :>) 

Pete received two other mentions, firstly for winning two singles and the doubles in the Central match including a great win over John Payne and only lost his first singles of the evening against Simon Holohan. For info Tony Catt also won two but lost to John and I beat Sammy but lost the other two including a ditf to Simon. This meant our team had its third win of the season and is inching its way away from relegation! 

The other mention is for a) losing his mobile phone after leaving it on his car roof as he drove off that morning to work; and b) then forgetting to move his car out of the Archive car park behind the Abbey so getting it locked in! Luckily my contact was at home and answered his phone at 22:05 and revealed the code needed to get out. 

The bad news from the other match on last night, Credex v HMT A, is that Cr4edex managed another 10-0 win with the only game going to 5 was the one between Perry and Winston which the former won ditf. 

So with three matches each to go we remain on top of the table by two points, gonna be close!

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