Match Report

WOW! As deciders go this was a corker and it had more than a few twists and turns. I defy anyone who saw the line-ups before the match to predict this result. 

So Pete for Castaways started off in fine form, which was to continue through the evening, and beat Rhyan three straight though to be fair the first leg probably decided it when Pete won 17-15. 

The second game went on a similar path with the first leg probably deciding the result when Neil lost it from 9-4 up giving Anton a three straight win to level the match score. 

Then what many of us thought would be the deciding game of the evening with Keld against Perry. An enthralling match as Perry’s often are and he ran out a winner in the classic 9itf. 

At this stage you would have thought Credex were on their way but with Pete playing next a 2-2 was likely and so it proved when he beat Anton three straight. 

And then the match spun on its head with Credex failing to win another singles to go from 2-1 up to 7-2 down!

Keld, seemingly inspired by Pete’s performance beat Rhyan three straight; then in one of their normal epic encounters Neil beat Perry 8itf to take the match to 4-2; Keld came back to the table and in a nip and tuck encounter came back from 2-1 down to win 3-2 making the match score 5-2. 

Pete then stepped up to the table to complete his 3-0 evening with a fairly routine win over Perry though the 14-12 in the second leg was probably crucial. 

To finish off the singles Neil played Rhyan with this being their first ever encounter, never easy to play Neil for the first time and so it proved though Neil was taken all the way winning 9itf. 

Having got to this point most people would probably think the doubles was a given but with a sting in the tail and from one leg down Anton and Perry salvaged an additional point beating Pete and Neil in four. 

So for the second season running Castaways go into the Xmas break at the top of the table but that wasn’t good enough last season and it remains to be seen whether it will be this time. There has to be a good chance that it will go down to the last match of the season which will of course be the return fixture.



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