Match Report

An interesting set of games with some unexpected results.

I managed three straight games to take a maximum, something I wouldn’t have expected but hoped for.

Keld had a tough opener against Tony and Tony’s blocking and putting away of the occasional one proved too strong for him. He made no mistakes in his other two though.

Colin came close to also getting a maximum but then ended up with only one after losing the other two in five, 10 and 9 and from winning positions in both cases.
For Treasury Tony had a good evening and only suffered against me in a reversal from the first half.

Dave played well to beat Colin but then suffered against Keld and I.

Bryan played some good TT but never looked like taking a game though took a good leg against Colin.

The doubles saw a good pairing emerge in myself and Keld and we took it three straight.

So we finish the league with a solid 7-3 and finish only 6 points behind runners up, a remarkable achievement after the season we’ve had.

My personal thanks to all those who played and ensured we completed the full season with the only blemish being the two walk overs we had to concede early in the season – coincidentally costing us 6 points.

Written by:Gerry Martin
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