Hope you are well and enjoying the Summer.

That time of year again to start planning for the forthcoming 2016-2017 Table Tennis season.

At this years AGM, it was agreed that the league will run a Cup competition (precise format to be agreed), if sufficient entries are received.

It was also agreed to allow each individual team to select which of the two ETTA permitted balls type (Celluloid or Plastic) they will use for their home matches.


2017 team entry letter.pdf

2017 Team Registration Form - Master.pdf

2017 Player Registration Form - Master.pdf


The Team registration form has been updated to include two extra fields, 1) to allow you to specifiy which type of ball (plastic or celluloid)

that your team will use for home matches during the next season and 2) to register interest in a possible Cup completion(s).

The entry forms allow you to enter the relevant data directly into the form and to save the resultant data to your local PC.
Once saved, your local copy can be further modified and when finally complete and correct, re-attached to a email reply to me at <gerry_3trick@yahoo.co.uk>.
Hopefully, use of these forms is self- evident, but if you have any problems or issues with them, please let me know at once via the contact details at the end of this email.

Should you prefer to use the older versions of the forms please let me know and I will supply these.
Similarly, if you have previous versions of the forms to which you are happy to make the appropriate minor amendments, these too will be acceptable.

The preferred method of payment of fees for the 2016-2017 season should be by Bank transfer, although of course, payment by cheque is still most acceptable.
Should you require the league account details for a Bank transfer, please let me know.
If you use the transfer method, please use - Fees 1617 and your club name - as the identifier.

Both forms should be returned to me by 20th August 2016 at the very latest.

Have a good summer.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Gerry Martin
League Secretary
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