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Sunday, 10 February 2019

News - week 17

In the Handicap Cup, six of the seven ties produced clear cut victories where the last game became largely academic. While this was a little bit disappointing from a handicapping viewpoint it does bode well for some closer battles in both the Handicap Cup and Presidents Trophy quarter finals. However, the Kinmel Bay derby between Y Morfa A and Y Morfa Bproved to be a very close affair. Y Morfa B were set a target of an average of 19 points per game in a 40-point contest. They achieved this target in half of their matches. Harry Jonesrepresenting Y Morfa B gave his team a great chance when amassing 37 against Chris Henderson. It came down to the last game here Andy Horton representing Y Morfa A had to restrict Andy McNeil to below eleven points. In the contest of the two Andys, Horton beat McNeil 40-9 allowing Y Morfa A to scrape through to the Handicap Cup quarter finals. The gallant Y Morfa B will fight again in the Presidents Trophy quarter finals. 
In the first division, Amlwch B played their first match with their new squad and faced a difficult match against champions Amlwch A. While Amlwch B did not win any matches Emyr Owen was able to extract a game from both Ian Ault and his old team mate Reg JohnDon Grigg and Iain MacGillivray will surely learn a lot form games where they secured 6 and 5 points from some of the strongest veteran players in the league. Amlwch B points have now been updated to reflect games they had to previously concede. They now only need to catch up with a fixture at Y Morfa A from the first half of the season.
Handicap Cup – Round of 16:
Trinity C                      489  Rhyl A                         427
Craig-y-don B             568  Craig-y-don A             496
Police B                       359  Amlwch A                   400
Y Morfa A                    476  Y Morfa B                    474
Conwy A                      500  Rhyl C                         414
Trinity A                      328  Conwy B                      293
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