Junior Development Division (JDD)

(Amended September 2017)


1.      Matches shall be played at a central venue.

2.      Matches shall be played on multiple tables.

3.      Each team shall consist of 2 players who will play against each player in the opposing team.

4.      Matches will be the best of 5 sets, including a game of doubles.

5.      Matches will be played down the card.

6.      All players must be aged 17 or lower on 1st September.

7.      The division will consist of a maximum of 10 teams.

8.      All JDD regulations will also apply to any cup competition(s) arranged.

9.      Matches will commence at a time agreed by the Junior Organising Committee.

10.  All players in the Junior Development division must be affiliated to Table Tennis England  as Player members.          

11.  The Junior Organising Committee has the power to amend the Junior Development Division regulations during the course of the season subject to the agreement of the Emergency Committee as described in rule 6.

12.  Any player who has previously played a match in division 4 or above will not be eligible to play in the Junior Development Division without the express permission of the Junior Organising Committee.

13.  The Junior Organising Committee has the power to bar a player from this division if the playing standard of that player is deemed to be of a standard above the 5th division of the L&DTTL.

14.  If the parent club of a junior player has not entered a team in the Junior Development Division, that player is allowed to have dual registration with another club that has but solely for the purpose of playing in the Junior Development Division.



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