Player Of The Match > How it works

Each match card can have a player of the match selected.

The player can be selected by the administrator entering the score, based on a selection marked on the match card, if your league supports this; or

The administrator can select a player based on their opinion of the match result, when this happens the computer automatically makes a suggestion for player of the match based on the following calculation:

  • Sets For
    (the number of sets the player wins in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the least games against
    (the number of games (ends, rubbers) against, in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the biggest points difference
    (the difference in the number of points for and against, in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the most games for
    (the number of games (ends, rubbers) for, in the whole match)

Note: Doubles matches are not counted in these calculations.

Player of the match > Winter 2016-17 > Division 4
Player Team Played
Miguel Monteiro Bath Street Marine E 16
John Gratton Sefton Park B 10
Panchu Xavier QVC 8
Tom Purcell Merseyside Police C 7
Christopher Greaves Sefton Park C 6
Wacek Bondek Arriva North West A 6
Vaclav Holcmann CADWA C 5
Michael Hughes Bootle YMCA C 5
John Moore Merseyside Police C 5
Bert Rivers Bootle YMCA C 4
Andrew Clarke QVC 4
Richard Winckle Bootle YMCA C 4
Lewis Campbell Waterloo B 3
Graham Chellew Waterloo B 3
Gary Stanton Arriva North West A 3
Terence Jones Wavertree Labour D 3
Paul Mainey Waterloo B 3
Edward Preston Bootle YMCA C 3
Yanusz Wator Arriva North West A 3
Robin Barker Wavertree Labour D 3
John Appleton QVC 2
Stuart Mcghee Waterloo B 2
Kevin Coulthard Wavertree Labour D 2
Alan French CADWA A 2
Mick Winder Merseyside Police C 2
Kenny Young Sefton Park C 2
Steve Johnson Wavertree Labour D 2
Eddie Williams Arriva North West A 2
Jeff Hornby Waterloo A 2
Jason Ao Wavertree Labour E 2
Peter Roberts Waterloo A 2
Steve Mcganity Maghull C 2
Keith Dudley Bath Street Marine E 2
Luke Courtney Maghull C 2
Pete Ashley Bath Street Marine E 2
Dave Mcmahon Merseyside Police C 2
George Liu Wavertree Labour D 2
Graham Turner Bath Street Marine E 2
Rob Finnigan QVC 2
Nikolaj Primuk Waterloo B 1
Jamie Whitty Sefton Park C 1
Daniel Hall Maghull C 1
Robert Bell Sefton Park B 1
Janette Hutchings Maghull D 1
Ken Roberts Sefton Park B 1
Brian Burrows Merseyside Police C 1
Philip O'Mullane Waterloo A 1
Gary Corran Waterloo A 1
Paul Morgan Sefton Park D 1
Thomas Lewis QVC 1
Les Dodd Bath Street Marine E 1
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Player of the match > Winter 2016-17 > Division 5
Player Team Played
Richie Pandey Wavertree Labour E 11
Jimmy Williams East Wavertree C 10
Derek Traynor Sefton Park D 10
Jason Ao Wavertree Labour E 7
Andy Mccourt Maghull E 7
Patricio Espinoza Rivera Cadwa D 7
Harry Hughes Arriva North West B 6
Anthony Low Sefton Park E 6
Sean Chandler Waterloo C 5
Eddie Clein Harold House A 4
Chris Halliday CADWA C 4
Eric Spencer Wavertree Labour F 4
James O`grady Sefton Park E 4
Rod Mcpherson Harold House A 4
Satish Ranka Cadwa D 4
Lawrence Cain East Wavertree C 3
Matthias Mach East Wavertree C 3
Ged Howard East Wavertree C 3
Gary Mavris Arriva North West B 3
David Williams Wavertree Labour F 2
Gordon Langshaw Wavertree Labour F 2
Julia Cornish Bath Street Marine F 2
David Lovelady Bath Street Marine F 2
Raymond Guy Arriva North West B 2
Simon Craske Greenbank B 2
Brian Gregory Maghull E 2
Mark Brooks Sefton Park E 2
Gerard Hanley Maghull E 2
Alan Staniland Sefton Park D 2
Stan Clarke Wavertree Labour E 2
Paul Morgan Sefton Park D 2
Geoff Metcalf Waterloo C 1
Richard Woodley Waterloo C 1
Nathan Jago Waterloo C 1
Garry Abrams Harold House A 1
Thomas Bell Bath Street Marine F 1
Tony Bramham Bath Street Marine F 1
Joseph Rock Jnr Maghull E 1
Alvin Tso Wavertree Labour E 1
Philip Cashmore Sefton Park E 1
Tony Bennett Greenbank B 1
Chris Jago Waterloo C 1
Joseph Rock Snr Maghull E 1
Shantanu Singh Cadwa D 1
William Clayton Bath Street Marine G 1
Phil Murphy Sefton Park E 1
Tim Ainsworth Greenbank B 1
Sharon Mahon Wavertree Labour F 1
Keith Dudley Bath Street Marine E 1
Nicholas Cox Greenbank B 1
Jordan Abbott Harold House A 1
Alan Jones Arriva North West B 1
Lewis Campbell Waterloo B 1
Nedim Hassan Bath Street Marine F 1
David Ao Wavertree Labour F 1
Ben Mcginnes Wavertree Labour F 1
Tony Mcdonald Waterloo C 1
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